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The new agent 007 will be a dark-skinned woman: the fans of Bond are angry. VIDEO



She will give this number when James Bond goes to rest.

Lashana Lynch, Daniel Craig and director Carey Fukunaga. Photo: video frame YouTube / JamesBondBrasilTV

There has been a long discussion about the fact that James Bond in one of the next films should be played by a black actor or woman, and best of all, by a black woman. The fact is that in the modern paradigm of political correctness, it is not so much about reliability as about symbolic values, writes

In other words - if James Bond has long been familiar, without exaggeration, to billions of people, then why should this honor belong only to men? After all, in full earnest, the Western screenwriter was surprised that there were no black actors among the characters of the popular Netflix TV series “Chernobyl”. 1986 year, and even in a country that is not a quarter of a century in the world for this screenwriter is as far as medieval China for us, and MeeToo movement is near.

So the message from The Gardian, referring to the Daily Mail, that the next 007 agent will be a woman, surprises only in the first minute. In addition, the writers of the 25 James Bond film, which already appears on the news line either because of a director change, sometimes because of an explosion on the set, or because of Daniel Craig's operation, carried out a "changing of the guard" very elegant.

According to the latest information from the insider, this will happen as follows. While James Bond in the face of Craig, having retired, will rest in Jamaica, his 007 number will be assigned to the woman agent that will be played by black actress Lachana Lynch. Then it is assumed that they will even participate in the film as a pair, as two agents. Whether the heroine Lynch will also become the traditional “Bond girl” is not specified. Most likely, hardly.

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By the way, in the recent “World Captain Marvel” screen by Lashana Lynch, she looks organically and convincingly in the form of a dark-skinned military woman-pilot. So with the 007 agent, she is likely to succeed. As for skeptics' objections about the fact that, they say, the 007 agent in the image of a woman destroys all the canons of kinobondi, one can recall the same Marvel Universe, where the original plots of comics have long been confused with each other. And nothing, the films while collecting cash for a billion dollars and more, the newspaper notes.

The news is not really pissed off the fans of the franchise. Fans of the film spoke about this in social networks. So, the user with the nickname Sedds wrote on Twitter: “I hope my dad won't see it. He will be very upset, "writes Unian.

“Can these strong, beautiful and independent women create their own icons and stop trying to remake the original male characters for themselves?”, - said the user Will Matthews.

Also, the network offered women to shoot a completely new picture, and not change existing ones. For example, Jayden wrote: “Just make another film with a woman. Stop destroying the classics! " “The problem is in the title. If the leading role went to a woman, then it is no longer "James Bond" "- say fans of Bond.

Users are outraged and blame the feminists for taking away the veracity of the characters.

User Robert The Bruce posted a collage, the caption to which reads: "Soon: Disney movies in cinemas in your country."

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