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Newborn with a contraceptive gift


Source: unilad

Not always your plans coincide with the intentions of the universe. Sometimes you get funny things that later become legends. So, the newborn was bornholding a contraceptive implant in a tiny handle.

Lucy Hellein from Texas did not plan to become pregnant and consulted a doctor about this. Examining the patient, the doctor recommended a special implant. Mirena. This device is installed inside the uterus and regularly releases progestogen microdoses. The hormone seals the surface of the cervix, thereby making it difficult for sperm to move. Thus, the probability of sperm penetration into the egg is equal to 0.1%. But Nature took advantage of this chance!

As numerous publications joked, “the baby's dad had a superperm!”. After 4 a month after visiting the doctor and installing the implant, Lucy found out she was pregnant. She was incredibly surprised and could not believe what she saw on the doctor’s monitor. But the ultrasound clearly showed a vital, lively and healthy fetus. Ultrasound examination also clearly showed the implant, which did not disturb the baby, but demanded careful observation. In fact, they existed 9 months together, the baby and the contraceptive spiral Mirena.

As the birth approached, the doctors decided on a cesarean section. At the end of April, a little Dexter was born, weighing roughly 4 kg. And although the child was unplanned, the mother does not regret what happened. She says that the child was destined to be born despite all the obstacles.

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