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The newborn baby died after the attack of the three pit bulls


Source: ABC News

Three-week-old girl Susanna Murray (Susannah Jean Murray) died after attacking dogs in Grand Rapids (Michigan), transmits ABC News.

The baby was attacked by one of the three pit bulls, with whom she was left for five minutes one in the house.

When Susanna's parents returned, they saw the bitten daughter with severe injuries.

Bite marks to the head were clearly visible. It was these wounds that caused the death.

Subsequently, blood was found in one of the dogs.

Susanna was immediately taken to hospital and operated on. But the efforts of the doctors were in vain. The girl died a few hours later.

The police took all three dogs for quarantine at an animal shelter in Kent County.

“There is no point in condemning the Pit Bull breed, as any dog ​​can bite. This serves as a reminder to parents not to leave their child and dogs unattended, ”said Sgt. Terry Dixon, spokesman for the Grand Rapids Police Department.Terry dixon).

After this incident, no one was arrested, but the investigation continues.

Residents of Grand Rapids (Grand Rapids) are concerned about what has happened and report that dogs are a big nuisance in their area.

“I’m scared because when dogs jump over the fence, they chase us,” complained family neighbor Khawa Abdi (Hava abdi).


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