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New profession: Trouble-shooter


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Who is trouble-shooter? Literal translation trouble-shooter - “shooting problems”.
On practice trouble-shooter Is a person who solves problems that top managers, consultants and management could not cope with. Problems can be of any order - from removing obstacles for the company to reach a new level, to solving highly specialized personal problems of large business owners.
It is impossible to get a rating of specialists of this profession, since at the moment there are only a little more than 100 people in the world. Fees for work trouble-shooter reach $ 100 per hour, the schedule is planned for months ahead.
The most important quality trouble-shooter - extraordinary thinking, which helps to look at any problem from a different angle and find a solution, often quite simple. After all, efficiency and infallibility are important, not complexity. In fact, trouble-shooter - This is a combination of the highest degree of consulting and crisis management. And since the services of such a specialist are expensive, not every company can afford them. Best advertising for trouble-shooter - business reputation and one hundred percent result. Customers communicate their contacts through the chain to each other, secretly from competitors.

Basic rules of work trouble-shooter:
1. Focus on the problem, activate negative emotions in the mind and ignore the signals about the difficulty of the task. So you can cover more information and switch to finding a solution.

2. Even the most ridiculous idea can be a great solution. It is so often the case. The simplest, what lies on the surface, works most often.

3. Be impartial. Any problem needs to be solved without value judgments, as this may interfere with the solution. The problem is the factor that something is working incorrectly or not working at all.

4. Think in the abstract. Look at the problem as a whole, from above, from the side, or remotely, but by no means from within. This stimulates the search for an original approach.

5. Think about the possibilities. Any idea begins with "what if ...".

6.Simplify. The human brain is designed to complicate any situation, but in this case it is necessary to summarize all known factors and simplify the task.

Here are some examples of work. trouble-shooter:

1. There were two large firms in America that published monthly directories ″ yellow pages ″ In the market they were closely followed by black PR, dumping, luring each other off workers. Nothing helped, nostril going to nostril.
Usually, all office workers bought 2 dollar reference books right away, without really thinking about which one is better, which one is worse. By the way, in both reference books there was the same information. So, one of these firms invited trouble-shooter.
He delved into the situation, thought and said:
- Next month, publish a handbook in a smaller format, and in order to have the same amount of information, it must be small but plump.
Got my fee and left, and a rival firm went broke after 2 of the month.
The answer is simple: the fact is that when the directories were of the same format, they lay on the office tables one on another, but when one directory is large and flat, and the second is small but thick, then automatically the person will put the one that is smaller on top. After some time, a person will notice that he constantly used only one directory, the top one, and never opened the second one, so there is no point in spending money on the 2 directory.

2.In the main office of the company producing sports shoes, 1000 people broke their heads over an insoluble task.
Invite trouble-shooter, describe the problem: “We started producing sneakers in some of the poorest countries in Africa. They all counted in advance, built factories, trained personnel, the cost price should be low, but then they faced an unexpected problem: local workers of our factories mercilessly steal finished products. Entire villages, from young to old, walk in sneakers at a price comparable to their annual income.
We tried hiring more local guards, but it only got worse - the guards and their families love sneakers too. If you get security from the States, then the cost will be very high. Figure out how to make thefts go down to zero without spending money on factories' security. Troubleble shooterOf course, he didn’t understand anything in the technology of footwear production, but unlike thousands of top managers who understood, he could look at any problem from a completely different angle. He sat alone for a bit in the cool dark room and gave the answer:
- You need to produce the right sneaker in one country, in one factory, and in another country, the further from the first, the better, in another factory to produce the left sneaker.
Such a simple solution, of course, did not occur to managers.

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