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New diet, which sit in Silicon Valley


Source: Tatler

The fashion for the intermittent fasting captured the progressive residents of San Jose a couple of years ago with the hand of Phil Libin, the founder of the All Turtles venture capital fund. At the intermittent-fasting (the official name of the diet), the entrepreneur threw about forty kilograms and, in his own words, became a more productive leader: “On the first day I was so hungry that I thought I would die. On the second, and really dying. And on the third I woke up with a feeling of incredible cheerfulness, which I did not have even in twenty years. ”


The reason for the transition to Silicon Valley starvation mode was the discovery of autophagy mechanisms, for which in 2016, a Japanese molecular biologist Yoshinori Osumi received the Nobel Prize, writes Tatler. Osumi proved that the cell is able to start the process of self-purification, that is, to get rid of old microbiological structures that have already fulfilled their role. Including from decay products. To speed up this process can breaks in food.

Peter Attija, a professor at Stanford University who specializes in longevity issues, also talks about their benefits to the body. He clarifies that you will notice positive changes almost immediately: there will be lightness in the body, puffiness will disappear, pressure will stabilize, and the inflammatory processes will start to fade.

According to the research institute Lerner Research Institute, if you arrange from two to five fasting days per month, the level of insulin and the hormone IGF-1 in the blood will decrease significantly, which is useful for diabetics and cores. The quality of sleep will also improve, and with it overall well-being and mood during the day.

In the Valley, fasting is compared to meditation. Believing that there are no unsolvable problems is already becoming part of the lifestyle there. Want to reduce stress and anxiety? For this there is meditation. Do you dream to live for forty years longer? Stop eating all the time.

Diet or biohacking?

Trend caught on in Hollywood. Actor Hugh Jackman admits that no diet yields such results as interval fasting. With the method he met during the preparation for the shooting in the fantastic thriller "X-Men: Days of Future Past". With the help of fasting in the role of another Marvelovsky hero - Torah - the actor Chris Hemsworth got used. Peter Lee Thomas, personal trainer of the actress Halle Berry, said in one of his interviews that his ward was also practicing fasting, however, it was reinforced with a green smoothie or coconut milk before workouts. The actress herself ascribes to her the ability to lose weight and heal.

Phil Libin considers interval fasting to biohacking, explaining that this is primarily a great opportunity to cleanse the body of toxins and increase productivity. In Silicon Valley in general, such concepts as detox, healthy lifestyles and proper nutrition, are no longer hot. They were absorbed by biohacking, supplemented by such necessary components as analyzes, bioadditives and “smart” applications, with which you can maximize your efficiency.


Starvation schemes

If you feel that you are not yet motivated enough to repeat the feat of Phil Libin and stay without food for three days, take the example of actor Benedict Cumberbatch. He follows the 5: 2 scheme, in which five days a week he eats anything in unlimited quantities, and in the remaining two he can afford no more than five hundred kilocalories per day. The diet includes water, green tea, natural cocoa, coconut oil or milk, chicken broth and keila and goji berry salad. Details of fasting days are described in the book Fast Diet 5: 2 by dietitian Michael Mosley and journalist Mimi Spencer.

However, doctors warn that before embarking on such experiments, it is necessary to undergo an examination. “Fasting, for example, is categorically contraindicated for people with chronic gastrointestinal diseases, gall bladder, gastritis or pancreatitis, as well as people with diabetes,” explains Elena Volodkina, a gastroenterologist and nutritionist at the Aging Control clinic. If the stomach, liver and pancreas are in order, then Elena Vladimirovna recommends the 14: 10 scheme, in which it will take fourteen hours to refuse to eat: “For the most part, the interval falls at night, so that someone will not even notice that starving. " Elena Krivtsova, a nutritionist-endocrinologist at the Gen87 clinic, says that any system of starvation is perceived by the body as stress:

“Twenty-four hours without food is the SOS signal to reset the immune system. At this time, the body activates all reserves for survival. I recommend practicing such extreme fasting no more than once a week. ”

Polina Novikova, endocrinologist of the EMC clinic, also speaks against prolonged starvation. The doctor believes that during the eight-hour sleep the body has time to restore order in the cells. And allows you to throw to this gap unless a couple of hours before bedtime. Konstantin Ovsyannikov, endocrinologist of the Sensavi beauty institute, agrees with Polina Sergeevna: “The body copes with toxins on its own. Fasting only increases stress, and on its background metabolism decreases. You will certainly be able to lose weight, but it’s unlikely to keep the result. ”

But the creator of the fitness studio Motion Andrei Andryushchenko, the trainer, whose advice is readily listened to by secular lady Victoria Shelyagova and Irina Azarova (Fresh), therapeutic fasting praises and successfully complements their training plan. But first he sends his charges to be tested.

"During fasting, the body starts the process of autophagy and redox processes, mobilizes its own reserves, which contribute to fat burning," explains Andrei. Begin advises with the scheme 12: 12, and then gradually reduce the power window: first to ten hours, and then to eight.

“According to my observations, the 16: 8 scheme is the most efficient. It is suitable for those who want to gain muscle mass, and those who want to dry. "

Andryushchenko also reminds that fasting is not suitable for everyone, and apart from problems with the gallbladder, pancreas and kidneys, vegetarianism is considered a contraindication: "It implies a deficiency in protein intake, and this is already so much regular stress for the body."

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How to fill the food window?

Elena Volodkina, a gastroenterologist with Aging Control, rightly notes that interval fasting is good because it can change food habits: “When your eating window is only eight hours long, you begin to approach the issue of nutrition more selectively and consciously.” Courtney Kardashian, for example, combines fasting with ketodiete, which is based on products that consist mostly of fat. The list includes avocados, salmon, nuts, coconut milk. Halle Berry also votes for a low-carb diet and starts her day with bulletproof coffee - coffee with butter: rich in fats, food retains a feeling of saturation for about six hours.

Volodkin calls for starters to eliminate fast carbohydrates from the diet: “The sugar they contain disrupts insulin susceptibility and also feeds the pathogenic flora: harmful bacteria and fungi.” And pay attention to products with probiotics:

"Miso soup, yogurt, kefir, kimchi and wild garlic - all this will help restore the intestinal microflora and speed up the process of removing toxins from the body."

Elena Vladimirovna also recommends including superfoods, dietary supplements and trace elements in the diet, such as physalis, curcumin, resveratrol, omega-3, magnesium and potassium - but only on the basis of test results.

Coach Andrei Andryushchenko advises to supplement the diet with foods that increase the level of catecholamines in the blood - these are neurotransmitters that trigger redox processes. These include pomegranate juice, strawberries, raspberries and even red wine (but only aged in oak barrels). Green light Andryushchenko gives brown rice, white meat and fish. And he adds that if you are planning a gala dinner or family gatherings, fasting can be postponed. More precisely to move: "On the day of celebration and the next day after it, the first meal should take place a little later than usual."

If you are determined to go on a three-day hunger strike, here’s a tip from Jeffrey Woo, creator of HVMN startup, a Stanford graduate and a former Google employee. He proposes to support himself with pills with a high content of ketones, which play the role of a booster - increase endurance and improve memory. Supplements with ketones in the States are classified as nootropic substances that can turn you from an ordinary person into a superman. Sixty million dollars was spent on the development of the HVMN.

The HYIP around intermittent-fasting naturally spawned a demand for auxiliary applications that count the hours until the next meal and support the owner when he climbs onto the wall from starvation.

One of the first to emerge is the smart platform Joy Platform. She creates for you an individual nutrition plan and calculates optimal hours of fasting. After you share your personal data (age, height, weight, gender, allergies) and the mode of the day (what time you get up and go to bed, how often you travel on business trips), it will make a shopping list for you and send it to you from online stores registered in another useful application - Instacart. You will only have to open the door to the smiling courier and prepare yourself a dinner according to the recipe from the smartphone. A six-month subscription costs some fifty-nine dollars, but the creator of the platform, a twenty-nine-year-old Christina Bognet last year, thanks to him, was able to comfortably sit on the Forbes list.

  • Applications you are not afraid to go on hunger strike

FastHabit Pro

The paid version of the application is synchronized with the Health program built into the smartphone, gives useful tips and monitors your progress by several parameters: weight, pressure and even the work of the reproductive system.


Do not bother with alerts. Offers a brief summary of what is interval starvation, after reading that, you decide how to choose the power window. The tracker records time, and at the end of the week provides statistics.


For a start, it offers to decide on the goal: to lose weight, learn how to eat properly or pump muscles. Based on this, the program itself offers the optimal modes of fasting and the advice of a professional coach.


Offers two starvation modes. Human 13: 11 assumes that you can eat from nine in the morning until eight in the evening. Tougher 16: 8, beloved by actor Hugh Jackman, is chosen by those who agree to skip breakfast.

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