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Nina Doroshina: what happened to the star of the film 'Love and Pigeons'


Source: Clever

Nina Doroshina is still loved and remembered by all fans of Soviet cinema. It was Doroshina who played the role of Nadezhda in Vladimir Menshov's comedy “Love and Doves”. This film is listed as one of the last in the record of the actress. However, Doroshina died only 36 years after the premiere of the painting.

Photo: still from the film "Love and Doves", YouTube / Cinema Concern "Mosfilm"

"Love and doves" to the end of life

Despite the fact that in recent years Doroshina rarely starred in movies, she continued to perform on the stage of her native "Contemporary", writes Clever. Nina Mikhailovna came to this theater at the end of the 50s. By the way, in “Sovremennik” Doroshina also played in the play “Love and Pigeons”, and in 1983, she even won the first prize for this work at the All-Union Theater Festival. But the role of her husband Vasily on the stage was performed by Gennady Frolov, not Alexander Mikhailov.

The performance was a great success. And in many respects thanks to Nina Doroshina. The production was on Sovremennik’s posters until 2015, until it was removed from the repertoire. Then Doroshina was already behind 80, and in the press every now and then there were notes about the poor state of health of the actress and loneliness.

Niece and compassionate neighbors

So in 2017, the media spread the information that Nina Doroshina had failed legs. Supposedly the artist cannot move independently, and there is no one to help her. With Oleg Dal Doroshina divorced almost immediately after registering at the registry office, and the second spouse of Nina Mikhailovna died in the 2004 year. Children artist has not given birth. Nevertheless, Doroshin's assistant was. This is the daughter of her brother Olesya.

Olesya Doroshina took care of her aunt and denied rumors about the loneliness of the actress. Nina Mikhailovna really was in the hospital because of problems with the spine, and later about the pain in the heart. But never been lonely. In addition to Olesya, Nina Mikhailovna was overseen by compassionate neighbors, and the celebrity's guests were all the time.

Doroshina did not want to burden anyone and, despite her age, she preferred to live independently. But as luck would have it, the artist really met her last hour when none of her relatives were around.

Nadia - Nina Doroshina died in April 2018 at 83 years old. Photo: still from the film "Love and Doves", YouTube / Cinema Concern Mosfilm

Heart failure

On the eve of 20's death on April 2018, Doroshina felt bad: her heart was bothering her again. The ambulance doctors who arrived at the call insisted on hospitalization, but the actress refused to go to the hospital. Nina Mikhailovna said she would be treated at home. On the same day, the actress even managed to reassure her admirers of her talent, telling reporters that she feels better.

However, on the morning of April 21 Nina Mikhailovna was gone. According to the testimony of neighbors, Doroshina screamed loudly, and they rushed into the apartment of the actress. The door was wide open, and Doroshina herself kept her hand on her chest and breathed heavily. The residents immediately called the doctors, but, despite the fact that the medical team arrived fairly quickly, the 83-year-old actress failed to save: her heart stopped forever.

Nina Doroshina was born in the Moscow region. She graduated from the Shchukin School and made her debut at the Sovremennik Theater in 1958. Viewers will forever remember Doroshin for his role in the comedy “Love and Doves”. In the cult picture she played Nadezhda - the wife of the protagonist.

On stage, the artist has played more than 15 roles, also in her track record of more than 20 film works.

Last year, after Lyudmila Gurchenko, who was almost nine years old, Nina Doroshina and Igor Lyakh died. And 8 February 2018, the heart of Sergey Yursky stopped. Clairvoyant commented on the departure from the life of your favorite actors film "Love and Doves".

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