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Nicole Kidman said she was able to overcome cancer


Source: 24 Channel

Hollywood actress reveals how her lifestyle and pursuit of beauty caused health problems. 24 Channel.

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One of the most famous Hollywood actresses, Nicole Kidman, shocked her with her confession. The TV star said that she was diagnosed with skin cancer. After a course of treatment, the actress overcame cancer.

53-year-old Nicole Kidman told about this in an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald.

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The doctors managed to save her life, but the famous Australian did not hide: she still regrets that she did not protect her skin from ultraviolet radiation and often straightened her hair.

“Do I regret ruining my hair with constant straightening? Sure. I had skin cancer; Do I regret not being careful with the sun? Yes, I regret all this. But am I grateful that I am still here? Oh yeah! Do I want to share my knowledge, what I have learned on my way? Of course, ”she said.

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In addition, Nicole Kidman admitted that in the late 1990s she had a fear that one of her relatives or close friends would die. Such fear was caused by the sudden death of director Stanley Kubrick. And in 2014, the fear of loss came true: the film star's father unexpectedly died of a heart attack.

“Deaths were sent to me in a very unexpected way. I didn’t care for anyone who would die slowly, they simply took people away from me ... It’s just that one moment a person is here, and then he is no longer there, ”Nicole Kidman said.

She admitted that it still remains her biggest fear. Because of the worries that someone from her family may suddenly die, the actress not only experiences anxiety, but also uncertainty about the future. Now Nicole has already turned to psychologists and is trying to overcome this phobia.

“I am scared to talk about it, because I am very afraid that it will happen again. I still have an incredible fear of loss. Great fear. We're all afraid of something, aren't we? " She added.

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