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No porridge: the gastroenterologist told the better to have breakfast


Source: 7Med News

It turns out that porridge does not saturate the body so well if it is eaten for breakfast, writes 7Med News.

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Gastroenterologist Olga Evdokimova told Instagram why, contrary to popular belief, you shouldn't have breakfast with porridge. According to her, the first meal forms the body's food reactions throughout the next day. And porridge increases the levels of glucose and insulin, which is why a person quickly becomes hungry and wants sweets.

“No breakfast cereals and no fruit. Moreover, no "even a cake for breakfast," - said Evdokimova.

According to her, there must be protein in the first meal. The doctor advises to start the day with omelets, pâtés, fish sandwiches or stews with meat.

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Nutritionist Yulia Chekhonina also shared her views on healthy breakfast. In her opinion, the first meal should not consist of one product, different components should be used. She also believes that protein is essential.

“If we don't get enough protein in a day, then we will get an excess of fat and carbohydrates - there are no other options. And this is a direct path to the appearance of extra pounds, "- said the nutritionist.

Also, experts advise to give up instant cereals and cereals. Consuming them regularly will lead to an increase in belly fat, as these foods are usually sweet and contain harmful additives.

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