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No grandmothers: models who became famous after 50



The stories of these women prove that age is only a figure in the passport, writes

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After 50, life is just beginning - more and more women from all over the world confirm this. A prime example is the recent Jacquemus ad campaign, modeled by the French designer's grandmother Lilin. We are talking about five models who became them only after 50!

Yasmina Rossi, 64

Photo Shoot: yasmina.rossi / YouTube

The modeling career of an American woman with French roots, Yasmina Rossi, started after 40 years, but popularity came to her only at 57.

The woman has contracts with many global brands, including Marks & Spencer, Hermes, Jil Sander, Saint Laurent and even the Land of Women swimwear brand.

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The main distinguishing features of the model are a toned body and long gray hair. According to Rossi herself, she never turned to the help of plastic surgeons and did not do Botox, and calls her good genetics, regular yoga and vegetarianism the secret of her appearance.

Jackie O'Shaughnessy, 69

Photo Shoot: jackyoshaughnessy / Instagram

But unlike stories where proposals for cooperation come to young beauties, Jackie was then 60 years old. She agreed to star in an advertising campaign for the American Apparel lingerie brand. At 69, Jackie is still modeling with brands such as Lesportsac, Diesel and Tome.

Linda Rodin, 72

Photo Shoot: lindaandwinks / Instagram

Linda is a stylist based in New York, and she is also a model and editor for Harper's Bazaar. In 2014, when the woman was 65, the Olsen sisters invited her to advertise their brand, The Row.

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Linda agreed, and the designers did not retouch the woman's photo. Currently, she also takes part in the filming and actively maintains her Instagram account, where she shares pictures of her fashionable images and her beloved dog.

In addition, the model has opened her own pet shop, Linda and Winks, which sells stylish pet collars.

Nikola Griffin, 60

Photo Shoot: nicolajgriffin / Instagram

Nikola tried herself as a model at the age of 56. Then she published her pictures in one of the model banks, honestly writing about her age.

Representatives of fashion brands drew attention to Nikola and offered cooperation. The big win came when the woman appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated, where she posed in a gold swimsuit.

Nicola is currently involved in filming for lingerie and swimwear brands, and also advertises cosmetics.


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