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No scrambled eggs, no bacon: an immigrant told what they actually eat breakfast in the USA


Source: Americano on Yandex Zen

Author of the channel "Americano" on Yandex.Zen has been living in the USA for three years. He talked about what Americans eat for breakfast and whether the choice of dishes coincides with what is shown in the movies. Further - from the first person.

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Bacon and eggs and honey pancakes? I beg you - don't be naive! Even before moving, I also imagined life in the United States in a cinematic way, but in reality everything is different. And for breakfast, ordinary Americans do not eat what the heroes of Hollywood films do.

The first thing I would like to say is that most Americans are workaholics. According to statistics, they work more hours per week than the Russians. I work in IT, in the office we start the day at 8 am, but you still need to wash, get dressed, get there ...

I have to get up early, there is simply no time for cooking, although even if it was an hour, I would rather spend it in bed - something like this is done by 75% of my colleagues. And the typical breakfast of most Americans is coffee, sometimes with a donut or eclair, and even then it is usually eaten at the workplace or on the way to the office.

There are exceptions. For example, my friend's wife is a yoga instructor - she makes him eat right, and in the morning he eats porridge, but most often he takes it with him in a container. But his case is rather an exception.

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I have never seen such a breakfast, like in pictures or in a movie, in my three years in the USA. Americans rarely cook at all, and the myth that instant food is very popular here is not a myth at all.

For breakfast, as we understood, they usually drink coffee. What's next? What's for lunch?

At lunchtime, almost everyone eats in a cafe, since the prices in public catering here are simply nowhere lower. You can dine for $ 7-10, for locals it's just a trifle, the minimum wage in our state is $ 12 an hour, almost all the middle staff in my department receive $ 20-25, so a lunch for $ 10 is a penny.

After work - dinner, it either takes place in the same cafe, or is prepared at home, but if it is at home, then this is something quick. There are now ready-to-eat meals such as chops with potatoes and vegetables. All this is already packaged in packages. You just need to throw such a bag into the oven for half an hour or an hour, after which you can get a full-fledged hot “second”. By the way, I want to protect American instant food: very often it is indistinguishable from homemade food in taste and quality. At home they cook either this way or simple dishes. And homemade soups or complex main courses are rare.

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By the way, this is why you can often hear the phrase in American films: “Let's have dinner together today”. For a US resident, having dinner in a cafe is not a holiday, but just a part of the working life, it is not a “going out”, but something everyday.

This is the reality. No family breakfasts for you. Dinners, by the way, are often family dinners, but again the tables are not set here. This is embarrassing for many immigrants, but personally I like it.

Original column published on the blog. "Americano" on Yandex.Zen

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