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The stranger burst into the wedding and beat the groom up with a bouquet: the bride was delighted


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A guy and a girl from England played a wedding, but everything went wrong. In the midst of the ceremony, a lady dressed in a white wedding dress burst into the room, holding a bouquet of flowers in her hands. Without thinking twice, the lady walked confidently to the groom and threw a tantrum, which the audience watched. An uninvited guest began to scream and say that she should be in the place of the bride. However, she did not succeed in destroying the happiness of the young, and there is a reason for this.

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Stacy Owen and her husband Keri will remember their wedding for many years. Such vivid impressions remained in their memory not only because of the importance and features of this day, but also thanks to the incident that occurred with the spouses during the solemn part, writes Medialeaks. Now they remember with a smile what happened, but at that moment they were unlikely to have fun. At least the first seconds.

The fact is that as soon as the newlyweds finished their first dance, a girl burst into the room, who instantly riveted the attention of the guests of the ceremony. She was dressed in a beautiful white wedding dress, and in her hands held a bouquet of flowers. The stranger walked confidently in the direction of the groom, urging him to stop the marriage and throw his beloved.

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Needless to say, Stacy and Carey were shocked by what was happening. Now the girl recalls that at that moment it seemed to her that it was some crazy ex-husband of her, and she was already thinking about how to proceed. But when she came closer, everything fell into place.

“I just didn't understand what was happening. We had just finished our first dance and the light was dim, so I couldn't see the face and thought it was one of Keri's crazy exes, ”says Stacy.

But it turned out that it was prank that friends arranged. Jackie Lewis, Stacy's friend, decided to make a joke about her. A friend knew that Owen, most likely, would be ready for some kind of surprise, so she approached this issue very unconventionally. To implement her plan, the girl turned for help to actress Jane Reese, and she happily agreed.

“Stacey was expecting a kind of surprise and I just wanted to do something stupid. I managed to come to an agreement with Jane, and we prepared for five months. "

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When it became clear to everyone that this was prank, the guests laughed out loud at this joke. By the way, the couple themselves also appreciated the rally and, judging by their memories, the bride and groom were satisfied.

“The whole day was great. Keri jokingly hid behind me and hoped that she would not get him anymore, ”said Stacy.

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