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Illegal invasion: Prince George School urgently strengthens security


Source: with the BBC

London police detained the offender: a woman, whose name was not disclosed, illegally entered the building of an elite school Thomas's Batterseawhere the heir to the royal throne is four-year-old Prince George. About this incident reports with the BBC.


The invasion of the Battersea school building is not the first time. Most likely, criminals are not attracted by the fact that she is visited by a person of royal blood, and the expensive property of the school - a year of education in elementary grades costs more than 23 thousand US dollars or 18 thousand pounds sterling.

Shortly before the beginning of September, a local resident told the police that she could easily go to school, walk around the courtyard and corridors, go to classes. The gate and the entrance to the school were not protected and were not locked - although at that moment the children were not in the building due to the holidays, according to a resident of London, this is unacceptable management negligence.

Now the school’s security has been alarmed - training operations are being conducted to ensure the safety of all students and, in particular, of Britain’s most valuable child. A system of round-the-clock monitoring of all parts of the building and adjacent territories, as well as hourly checks of the entire training complex, has been developed.

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