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A plane landed at the airport just before Day of the Dead: this flight crashed 35 years ago


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A plane landed at one of the airports in Japan, and it would seem surprising here, but the fact is that it crashed in 1985. While people were preparing to believe in the existence of ghosts and turn to the "Battle of Psychics", they were in for a completely ordinary explanation (and a little disappointment), writes Medialeaks.

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Japanese Twitter user m3600 on August 5 posted a tweet on my profilewhich attracted the attention of many. Attached to the post were two screenshots from a flight tracking website.

The images showed data on the route of flight JL123, whose plane landed at the Japanese Narita airport in the city of the same name. Everything would be fine, but the liner that traveled on the JL123 route crashed on August 12, 1985.

According to SoraNews24, this is a plane crash involving a Boeing 747 of Japan Air Lines, which has become one of the largest in the history of flights. In that accident, 520 people died.

Thus, flight JL123 could not unexpectedly appear on the radar, although, of course, it is possible that it could be a ghost plane. It seems like a suspicious coincidence that the liner showed up almost on the same day that it crashed 35 years ago (seven days apart).

Also, the "apparition of the ghost plane" happened shortly before the start of the Japanese festival Bon (Obon), which should take place on August 13-16. It was during this period, the Japanese believe, that the souls of the dead return to the world of the living.

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Putting it all together, people went into fear mode, and it's hard to blame them for that.

"This [is] on the eve of Obon ... It can't be ..."

"Something terrible."

“Too creepy ……”

But some decided not to admit the horror and decided to laugh it off.

“It was a very long flight. Welcome."

And some hoped for a mistake.

Perhaps the hopes of the latter were heard, because soon the Japanese edition of J-Cast News contacted representatives of Japan Air Lines, who confirmed that everything that happened was a misunderstanding.

In fact, the flight from Singapore to Narita was numbered JL712, but between 23:44 pm and 00:22 pm, one of the company's IT specialists changed the number to randomly select numbers. As a result, the route received the number JL123, which too “well” coincided with two events at once - the 35th anniversary of the crash and Obon.

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Representatives of Japan Air Lines apologized to everyone for the misunderstanding and promised to make sure to educate their employees on what numbers can and cannot be used in order to avoid similar mistakes in the future.

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