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'Impossible to spoil': the cook shared a simple recipe for apple tart


Source: Columnist

Ukrainian culinary reformer Yevgeny Klopotenko shared a recipe for apple tartare. It turns out always and at all!

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“In France, I made shortbread dough very often. I must admit, I have had both successes and failures. And then I learned one recipe that I really liked. It is almost impossible to spoil it, I brought it from Le Cordon Blеu ", - the culinary specialist wrote in his blog, he quotes Columnist.


  • 250 g - flour
  • 25 g - sugar
  • 5 g - salt
  • 130 g - butter
  • 1 PC. - yolk
  • 50 ml. - water
  • 4 things. - an Apple
  • 50 g - ice cream
  • Optional - cranberries

Method of preparation:

  1. Cook the shortbread closely. To do this, mix in a blender: flour, sugar, salt, yolk and water. Then add a little oil and knead until a tight, uniform mass forms.
  2. Send the dough to the fridge for 20 minutes. Then take it out and place it in a thin, but dense layer in the tartar.
  3. Finely chop the apples into half rings and send them to the pan. Add a little butter, sugar and water to them. Extinguish them in this syrup in literally 3-4 minutes.
  4. Next, put the apples in the form on top of the dough. After the cake has been formed, send it to the oven for 20 minutes and bake at 180 degrees.

If desired, add cranberries and ice cream to dessert.

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