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The bride caught fire on her own wedding from the sparkler on the dress



A British resident caught fire at her own wedding from a fallen Bengal fire. Rachel Bofoy (Rachel Beaufoy) had fun at the wedding with her husband Paul in a hotel on the Devon coast when she felt the smell of burning.

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33-year-old woman felt warm at the feet and found that the bottom of the dress is engulfed in flames, tells

“I immediately began to scream and panic. The skirt was on fire, I held my little daughter in my arms and did not know what to do. I thought I would lose my legs, ”admitted Bofoy.

A friend offered her to put out the fire with beer, and the mother wanted to roll it down a hill, but the bride managed to kill the flame herself. The fire went out, but the dress turned out to be irrevocably damaged. “I had a feeling that my legs were still on fire, and my mother was so worried that she went into the room. Surprisingly, there is not even the slightest burn on the legs, ”said the bride.

Bofoy believes that Bengal fires caused the fire, because before the incident, the newlyweds and guests specially went out into the street to light them.

The couple was planning a wedding with 2015, after the birth of Jack's second child. He was very upset by the incident, and he admitted that he now dreams of becoming a fireman in order to save people from fire.

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