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The bride put forward strange demands for the clothes of thin and full guests and disgraced



International imageboard users Reddit made fun of the numerous demands of an unknown bride, which she put to the guests of her wedding.

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She published strict conditions for guests on Facebook. Screenshot publication posted user insanepeopleonfb. The future wife decided to use the invitees in the filming of a festive video in Hawaii. For this, she developed a dress code for all participants of the celebration, writes

Slender girls (weighing up to 75 kilograms) were supposed to appear in expensive shoes from Christian Louboutin.

“Famous heels with red soles. When we turn around and lift our legs up, the effect will be amazing, ”the bride remarked.

Also, the guests were supposed to acquire a brand scarf. Full girls were supposed to fully dress in black.

Fat men obliged to dress in camouflage and sneakers. Also, everyone invited to recommend to have spare clothes. The cost of the outfit must be above a thousand dollars.

Children were asked to wear "from head to toe" in red. “Remember that children will make a heart shape, you need a real red, not orange or some other shit!”, - said the bride.

In the final, she noticed that she gave the guests a year and a half to prepare, and therefore would not tolerate any excuses.

Reddit users called such a bride inadequate.

“Who are you to ask people to leave the city for the sake of your wedding? Then you are still waiting for a gift, ”the users got angry.

Many of them were surprised that such a demanding girl even found a fiance for herself. “But who marries this?”, Users were surprised, noticing that they were not averse to looking at the capricious girl in the eye.

Previously, visitors to Reddit were surprised by the demands of another bride. She ordered the guests to present the newlyweds with gifts worth at least 500 dollars. Each of the future spouses also relied personal wedding favors - not cheaper than 100 dollars.

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