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There is no monster worse than time: how not to waste your life

Sergey Evelev

writer, TV and radio host


At a time when we are engaged in important matters, building and destroying cities, raising and pampering children too much, organizing meetings at the highest diplomatic level, weaving conspiracies, inventing new useful and dangerous technologies and making them familiar, a merciless monster crawls on the ground and everyone eats ...

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I am hinting at this for a while.

Whether it is in the form in which we imagine it, or not, does not matter. It, without experiencing any emotions, crushes individuals, peoples, countries and kingdoms under itself. And therefore, in the list of the most disgusting monsters that have ever existed in history, time deservedly occupies the first line.

It still has Baba Yaga, Koschey, Water, Cyclops, Medusa Gorgon, fire-breathing dragons and a host of other evil spirits ... The list could be continued indefinitely, given that the legends of each nation have their own horror stories. But all of them are unreal, even absurd characters, invented by a man to intimidate children and place them in fairy tales, to teach us good and evil.

Time is not a fairy tale. And no matter what we do in trying to curb it, as long as success is zero. Or ... almost zero.

It is true that today more inhabitants of the earth live to be seventy or more years old than five thousand years ago, and this is an undoubted success. But in this way we have won from time only one grain of sand from the oceans of sand at its disposal. Everything belongs to time, whether you thought about it or not. It owns every ant, flower, roads, sun, sky, oil, gold, cars, people, planets, galaxies and in general all boundless space. So, at least, we think. Although, perhaps, somewhere out there, very far away, at the other end of the world it does not work, or goes back, or does not move at all, or ... which would be absolutely wonderful, subject to people or some other creatures who have pacified time. But this is not here, not today, far away, and not a fact.

And here and today we, although we made hours to measure it for ourselves, are not particularly close to understanding how it works, and we are not at all aware of how to slow it down. If it were not for our life with you, no one would have bothered especially. And so ... The first thirty or forty years fly like a mad chariot. There is no time to think about it and there is no need. And now, after forty, sometimes after fifty, we, people, (about trees, birds, cockroaches and leopards - I don’t know) begin to look back, and then look forward, where the horizon line of our life is already beginning to be seen. Previously, it seemed to be not there, but now it certainly has. For some reason, time is accelerating, forcing us to stop more often to catch our breath and think.

"What to think about?" - asks the young people who still have this to come. “Thinking about important things, for which there was not enough time before,” we answer. At least that this phrase is meaningless. There cannot be enough time. There is as much of it as it is given out, and everyone, and everyone, is always the same ... in a minute, in an hour, in a year ...

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And by the way, trying to streamline it is as stupid as wanting to slow it down, even though we are trying to do both. For us, for adults who “descend from the mountain,” time not only flows through the adult, it also has a completely different meaning. It asks us questions, demands answers. And time asks us: where have you been, my friend, what did you do, why, did you get what you were looking for, and what are you doing with this found? Have you solved your main life task, have you learned to be happy, or do you still think that she is in something else? Have you made any progress in understanding yourself?

This is one of the most important achievements available to our brains. Not mathematics, not biology, not medicine or robotics. And a natural question emerges in the light of what has been said: did you yourself understand why you are here, or did biology and mathematics take you all your time and you had no time to think about the main thing?

Well. If so, in the sense, if not, then - brake on turns, sit down, pour some tea, smoke, if you smoke, and think. Best of all, start writing. When you write, thoughts are lined up more clearly. They, written, are now visible. You can reread, edit, improve. One more thing. If you write it down, then maybe your thoughts will be useful to someone in the future. I don’t know to whom, and I don’t know when, but ... if you don’t write it down, then it’s for sure never to anyone. And so ... there is hope. And she, as we remember, dies last.

So, time goes on, goes on, and suddenly, at some point, a strange at first thought catches up with you that any day may turn out to be the last page of your novel. And it will happen without any warning. And she, this thought, is deafening and even terrible. But gradually you get used to it and become a miser from the point of view of spending the arsenal given to you of the very time that I am writing about here.

So, my friends, I did not plan to open any Americas. I just want to say, don't waste your time. To empty conversations, to fake friends, to dubious pleasures, to invented duties ... well, maybe, if only in his youth, when all conversations seem important, friends are true, and pleasures are true and endless.

Trade time for good, long-term memories. They will warm you in the cold. And - not in the cold weather, but in the cold of years. The more you get them, the warmer it will be after you get old. Remember that old people are young adults who have been given a long life for one reason or another. And it would be good to remember that it was not given to everyone. Appreciate the minute, enjoy it. Fill with meaning and live in each of them with your whole being. I ask everyone very much.

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And at the end, here is my rhyme about the same. By the way, it was written about fifteen years ago. Apparently, then the thought of the absence of timelessness and the fact that time swallows everyone and everything caught up with me. What can you do? You have to live. So far, no alternative has been invented. So why not admire everyone, always and everywhere, while they give time? While it is being given ...

So I don’t know, why not?

Temporary difficulties

Somewhere time walks, wanders, what is lost finds,
To everyone to whom separation has come, he will stretch out his hand in a friendly way,
We do not notice him, we do not welcome him,
And after thinking for an hour, time leaves us.

We don't have enough of him all the time, we run after him tired,
Catching up day and night, but it rushes away.
Shamelessly and shamelessly, life steals but we can't see.
Life will suck in: life was - and it is not.

Fearlessly heroically we will break into yesterday's day
We will defeat the Lord there - we will not let us be robbed.
And today our tribe will make time to serve everyone,
If we do not turn it back, then we will put it in fetters.

Look - caught, quietly, peacefully, and now at attention
Time at the post is standing, orders us to relax,
But you can't sit lightly, because they were not captivated forever,
Who will frighten him: gape, run away ...

Time - we are again in pursuit, eternal running and horses in soap,
You used to sit down on the way to take a breath,
Respond to me with honor in honor, I'll tell you without any flattery
I will try to please: "How long do I have to live?"

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