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An unexpected transformation: how Adele managed to lose weight


Source: StarHit

Fans of the singer are surprised at her cardinal transformation - Adele, for whom fullness has always been part of the image, managed to lose almost two dozen extra pounds. Foreign journalists found that the star used the services of a nutritionist Camila Goodis, writes "StarHit".


Adele showed the first results of losing weight back in October, appearing in a spectacular black dress at rapper Drake's birthday. Then the artist said that she was actively practicing, in particular, was engaged in Pilates.

True, the performer managed to lose weight nevertheless thanks to nutrition.

“Adele’s body transformation is reduced by 90% to a proper diet, not to exercise,” said Camila Goodis, who many stars refer to as “the body sorceress.”


The star met with a renowned nutritionist and instructor through the wife of Robbie Williams - actress Aidu Fields. Once she came to visit her friend, and there was already Camila, who gave the celebrities a joint training.

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Goodies admitted that the British singer was able to completely refuse junk food, as she really wanted to achieve an ideal figure.


The artist began to adhere to a nutrition system based on the consumption of plant foods and products from seven proteins. She ate cabbage, strawberries, onions, soy and cocoa, and also monitored the daily calorie intake.

“It was a tough weight loss, but it did,” said Goodies.

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She also refused alcohol, spicy foods, cigarettes and caffeine. Empirically, the singer learned to listen to her body. “She adjusts her diet herself, does not overeat and feels great,” shared Camila.


According to other information, Adele managed to lose more than 20 kilograms thanks to hypnotherapy from a well-known specialist in this field, Susan Hepburn. With the help of hypnosis, she helped the star overcome the fear of the scene and quit smoking.

“This is not a diet. I change the mindset of my clients to increase their confidence and self-esteem. They just lose the emotional hole that makes them constantly think about food, ”says Susan.


Hepburn teaches customers to present themselves as they want to be.

“I ask them to see themselves in front of the mirror, to see their thin waist, flat, elastic belly. I tell them that their body is in good shape, thin, strong and healthy, ”the hypnotherapist shared.

Recall that Adele decided to start losing weight after a divorce from her husband Simon Konecki last year. It was rumored that the man could not come to terms with the popularity of his wife.

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