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The unexpected danger of trying on Halloween costumes


Source: Cbs miami

Spiders, beetles and creepy caterpillars are a common part of celebrating Halloween, but it's funny exactly until it touches your health and the health of your children, warns Cbs miami.


Doctors are alarmed: Americans have repeatedly found lice in store-bought Halloween costumes. At this time of the year, there is a surge of head lice, and not only children, but also adults suffer from lice. While the start of the school year is considered to be the “culprit” of this surge, the problem may be in the preparations for Halloween.

Imagine how many people tried on a bright holiday wig and put on a costume before you bought it. Pediatrician Cherie Sexton says: “Nowadays, many Americans go to the shops wearing masks, trying on costumes and wigs. Most of them don't think that they are not the first to do it. ” The doctor adds that the risk of infection persists for 7 days after exposure.

Health experts give some tips on how to make sure Halloween horror movies don't end with head lice for you and your family:

  • Before putting on a new suit or wig, put it in a sealed plastic bag on the 48 watch (the lice die without air for 1-2 days);
  • dry suits can be placed in a dryer at high temperatures for 45 minutes, which also saves you from potential contamination.

Doctors recommend wearing a swim cap under the wig, which creates another barrier between a man’s head and an infected wig. A pediatrician confirms that pediculosis is not a sign of poor hygiene and is not a disease. This is a nuisance that is easier to prevent than to fight it.

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