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An awkward moment: how Elena Zelenskaya, Michelle Obama and other top officials violated etiquette



Since ancient times, official meetings of the top leadership of the countries were accompanied by a strictly approved ceremonial. For non-compliance with the rules chopped heads and declared war. But much has changed in our time.


Today, everything does not look so strict, but due to non-compliance with some points, there may still be a misunderstanding, because of which there is even a risk of cooling relations between the countries. Talks about it

At all times, rulers tried to influence through their wives

During a visit to Japan, minions to the career of Vladimir Zelensky, the minions of the previous Ukrainian president tried to fan a scandal in which the wife of the current head of state would become the protagonist. Allegedly, her yellow dress offended the imperial family.

The web has information that the pale yellow dress of the first Ukrainian lady is banned at the court of the Emperor of Japan. Like, not only is yellow the color of emperors, but also appearing in yellow at court means declaring an intimate relationship with the emperor!

That sounds scary. And if everything was so, indeed embarrassment and scandal could take place. Under photos of Zelenskaya on her Instagram page, derogatory comments about choosing a dress began to appear.

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What color is the dress?

And the whole point was in shades. So those who boasted of their knowledge of Japanese etiquette and tried to make the funny Ukrainian first lady themselves sat in a puddle.

The story of the ban on wearing certain colors in Japan did exist. There were eight such forbidden colors. And three of them were shades of yellow: sumac, yellow-red and gardenia.

But the light lemon color of Elena Zelenskaya’s dress completely fit into the atmosphere of the emperor’s intronization ceremony, as was stated in the commentary of the Japanese embassy on their official Facebook page.

Moreover, the cut of Zelenskaya’s dress was much more suited to the traditional Japanese perception of beauty: a little baggy, it seemed a size larger, but it was clearly fixed at all key points, ensuring a perfect fit.


By the way, Naraporn, the wife of Thai Prime Minister Chan-Och, took much more risk at this ceremony: the color of her dress was much closer to the forbidden gardenia. And the headdress on a representative of one of the countries of Africa was about the same shade.

The fifth Dragon King of Bhutan (yes, this is the official title!) Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuk appeared at the ceremony in the clothes of national colors, among which the yellow cloak is an integral part of the royal robe.

In general, if there still really existed an official ban on wearing yellow at the imperial court, then during the intronization ceremony, Japan would be drawn into the world war, no less.

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A ban on three shades of yellow exists, but has long been unofficial

It's like a dress code in the theater: it seems indecent to come in jeans, but now the cloakroom manager will only sigh. But at the beginning of the last century, an unprincipled visitor would be expelled from the theater and disgraced in society.

Whatever it was, and Elena Zelenskaya looked at intronization "one hundred percent."

The color of the dress was not forbidden, but it was light and reflecting the essence of good intentions. The style of the dress was respectful of the traditions of the host country and fully impressed the Japanese.

Add here the fact that the day before the ceremony, Elena appeared at a business meeting in a formal suit with an embroidered chrysanthemum on the lapel, and this is a symbol of Japan. This respect for the country did not pass by the Japanese. So the first lady of Ukraine made a great impression on the inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun.


That's who violated the protocols right and left!

History knows a woman who, with her immediacy, won up to 80% of popularity to her unpopular husband: Michelle Obama.

Michelle did not appear in the Arab country in a black dress and hijab, but a fair-haired woman in a bright colorful jacket over a short blue outfit. In Saudi Arabia, she shook hands with the king, although in this Islamic country, men and women are forbidden to touch each other. She climbed with embraces to Elizabeth II, although it is forbidden to touch the royal persons. The Queen then had to keep her face and pretend that everything was in order.

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However, Michelle managed to keep the brand, and no one threw tantrums about her behavior.

Often, Donald Trump becomes an etiquette

Either he touches the Finnish president’s knee, then he leads President Macron’s hand, then he goes ahead of the queen during an official reception in the UK.

Photo: video frame YouTube / MSNBC

But time passes, everything changes, including the protocols. The Japanese themselves are already moving away from their seemingly unshakable traditions.

For better or worse, everyone has an opinion on this. What do you think of this?

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