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Disliked prince: why billionaire and womanizer Albert II was unlucky in his personal life


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With a fortune of a billion dollars, Prince Albert II of Monaco is among the ten richest rulers in the world. He spends time at social events, where he arrives in luxury cars, yachts or a private helicopter, eats dishes prepared exclusively by Michelin chefs, and loves diving. "".

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Moreover, according to the legend of the family curse, despite wealth and power, the monarch was unlucky in love.

"Feast in Time of Plague"

“The day before the general isolation, Prince Albert II of Monaco opened the Oktoberfest. This is some kind of feast during the plague! " - disgruntled users of social networks reacted to the news that the head of state took part in a lavish party on the occasion of the beer festival. The situation was complicated by the fact that the ruler himself had already been ill with coronavirus, and the guests did not wear protective masks and did not observe social distance.

The monarch himself rejoiced heartily, dancing and waving his handkerchief. He is used to attending all sorts of social events with his wife around the world. Among them - Monaco Yacht Show and Monaco Grand Prix, Cannes Film Festival. They arrive there by helicopter, luxury car or yacht.

Albert has been accustomed to luxury since childhood. The family of Albert II has ruled Monaco since the early 2005th century and is considered one of the richest dynasties in the world. Albert became Prince of the State in 1191 after the death of his father Rainier III. The son of the famous Grace Kelly lives in the palace, built in XNUMX. Of course, since then, the residence has been rebuilt many times, now it is equipped with the latest technology, while maintaining its former beauty and grandeur.

The palace has preserved rooms furnished in the same way as several centuries ago. The walls are draped with silk brocade and decorated with portraits of the Grimaldi family. All of them are works of famous artists. The love of art was passed down from generation to generation among the ruling dynasty of Monaco. There is also a Mirror Gallery, reminiscent of the Palace of Versailles. It usually hosts royal receptions and meetings with heads of other states and governments. Official events also take place in the Blue Room. It is named after the color of the silk brocade that covers the walls. The special value of the room is the Venetian chandeliers.

In addition, there is the so-called Red Room, furnished in the style of Louis XV. It has Bruegel's paintings, the York room, decorated with frescoes depicting the four seasons. And also there is the Yellow Room - the former bedroom of Louis XV. It has preserved furniture and tapestries of that time. The family's particular pride is the Mazarin Room, furnished with Italian furniture brought to France by Cardinal Mazarin.

In addition to this palace, the monarch has residences all over the world. The most expensive ones are in France.
The private residence of Roc Agel was acquired by the Grimaldi family in 1957. Princess Grace organized an art workshop there, and her husband, Prince Rainier, started a small farm. Earlier, Albert traveled here for the weekend with his parents, today - with his wife Charlene and children. By the way, while returning from this residence, Grace Kelly died in a car accident.

As a child, Albert spent every summer with his parents, traveling around Europe on a yacht, and in winter he went skiing in Switzerland. Now the Prince of Monaco spends his holidays with his children in the same way. Together, they often travel to Château de Marche, located near the French city of Lahn. The castle was built in 1540. Its territory is six times the size of Monaco itself. Albert's father, Prince Rainier, at one time organized another farm here, which contains camels, buffaloes and guanacos.

Albert II, with a fortune of a billion dollars, is considered one of the richest rulers in the world. He owns not only real estate, but also a huge collection of paintings, stamps, as well as a large share in the resort business of Monaco. The prince's car park has an impressive collection of expensive old and sports cars. Eight years ago, Albert II decided to auction 38 cars under the hammer. The income from their sale was, however, rather modest - 1,18 million euros. He took such a step in order to raise money for the purchase of new, more modern models.

The safety of the monarch and his family members is taken care of by 124 guardsmen, who are called "carabinieri". They not only protect Albert during any special events, but can also provide first aid. At the same time, the change of protection is carried out every morning, however, the ceremony itself is far from as solemn and colorful as in Buckingham Palace.

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Unlucky in love

Usually the ruler does not skimp on the attributes of a luxurious life. The wedding of the head of state and former swimmer Charlene Wittstock has become really expensive. They spent $ 70 million on it. The celebration took place the day after the civil ceremony in the courtyard of the princely palace. It was attended by 850 guests, among whom were monarchs, heads of state and celebrities with whom Albert II and his chosen one are friends. The Eagles came and gave a live concert for the citizens of Monaco. The event was attended by such celebrities as designers Karl Lagerfeld and Giorgio Armani, model Naomi Campbell.

“The bride in a dazzling dress with a 20-meter train was incredibly beautiful. Charlene's outfit created 2,5 hours. It was adorned with 20 thousand pearls, 30 thousand pieces of gold and 40 thousand Swarovski crystals. But, unfortunately, tears did not dry out in her eyes, ”wrote the foreign media.

The fact that the bride had a tear-stained appearance gave rise to many rumors. Some publications assumed that Charlene was suffering next to Albert and that the monarch was cheating on his wife, others that she was going to escape from the crown. Among the alleged reasons for her sadness were also the 20-year age difference between the future spouses and the loving nature of the ruler.

However, later, Charlene herself said that she was simply moved by at the ceremony, and when she realized that now she would look tear-stained in all the photos, she was completely upset. As a result, she was nicknamed the sad princess. Each joint picture of the spouses began to be examined under a magnifying glass, suspecting that Albert's wife was unhappy with him.

Surrounded by the prince, the so-called curse of the Grimaldi family is sometimes remembered. There is a legend according to which the insane Francesco Grimaldi, who seized the princely palace at the very end of the XNUMXth century, began to burn women at the stake, whom he suspected of witchcraft. His favorite was also subjected to execution, allegedly saying that not one of the Grimaldi family would be happy in love. Even those who do not believe in this usually recall that in the family most marriages ended in divorce, and the media now and then write about some kind of intrigue.

Intrigues of the princely court

At first, Albert also did not work out with his personal life. He got married at 53. He met Charlene Wittstock 10 years before the wedding, at a swimming competition. For six years, the couple carefully concealed the relationship.

However, shortly before the marriage, a scandal leaked to the media. It turned out that the prince had two illegitimate children, and a third child was allegedly born a couple of months before the wedding. The news of another offspring, however, did not receive confirmation.

It was reported that the bride was angry and was about to cancel the wedding, but then changed her mind. Three years after the marriage, the couple had twins, Jacques and Gabriella, who are considered true style icons in the principality. Only luxury brands are bought for them.

Gregoire Gaumont, the former butler of the royal family, spoke about the luxurious life of the monarch. According to him, in his cellar Albert II keeps 15 thousand bottles of expensive wine, some of which cost about 35 thousand dollars.

“These are the best wines you can find. Very rare, ”he recalled.

In his spare time from public affairs, the ruler is fond of scuba diving. He can often be seen in various photographs wearing a special diving suit. In July 2015, he attended a rather unusual event - the underwater wedding of one of his friends, world freediving champion Pierre Frol.

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Dream State

Albert II does not have many subjects. Monaco, a dwarf state with an area of ​​only two square kilometers, is home to 38 thousand people. Moreover, 32 percent of the population are millionaires.

The tiny city-state is commonly seen as synonymous with luxury living. For the weekend, rich people from all over the world come here. They leave fortunes in casinos, drive the most expensive cars across the Cote d'Azur and dine in the best Michelin-starred restaurants.

The ruler of Monaco is, of course, no exception. His fortune is twice that of the British Queen Elizabeth II. At the same time, the maintenance of the princely family costs the state $ 54,4 million a year, that is, about $ 1,4 thousand from each subject. In Great Britain this figure is almost a thousand times less.

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