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No worse than Kate and William: 10 facts about the monarchs of Norway, undeservedly deprived of attention



The most popular among royal families, undoubtedly, is the British. Every exit of Kate Middleton and Prince William is watched with interest by the whole world, and any event of their life is put in the headline of the magazine. Representatives of other monarchies often remain in the background, although among them there are worthy people who seem to have come down from the pages of good tales. invites you to learn more about the royal family, undeservedly deprived of attention.


1. The poorest royal family

The king of Norway is one of the poorest monarchs on Earth, and the royal family lives the most modest in Europe. Family members dress simply and restrainedly even at formal events, which are very distinguished from other venerable persons.

In addition, they do not live only at the expense of taxpayers, but try to earn money themselves. For example, Prince Haakon and Katzenjammer recorded a Christmas single. The success of the song was deafening. Haakon donated all proceeds from the sale of the disc to charity.

2. King Harald V risked everything for love

This amazing royal couple went through fire and water to defend their right to be together. Their marriage has become one of the strongest among the monarchs - so much so that even their birthdays Harald and Sonya are now celebrated on the same day. They met at a party with a common friend. Sonya was an ordinary saleswoman and dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. Their secret romance lasted 9 years.

Secret because Harald’s father, King Olav V, was categorically against his son’s relationship with a commoner. But at a certain point, the love of Harald and Sonya ceased to be a secret thanks to the ubiquitous media, and society reacted favorably to the choice of heir.


In the end, tired of persuading his father, the Crown Prince challenged the system and resolutely declared: either he would marry Sonya, or he would remain a bachelor forever, which automatically deprived the heir of the throne. As a result, the king surrendered to the joy of the whole country. The wedding of Harald and Sony became one of the most significant events in the history of Norway.

By the way, the King of Norway is a direct descendant of Edward VII, the eldest son of Victoria, which makes him the second cousin of the current British Queen.

3. The king’s son married a single mother

The king’s son, Crown Prince Haakon, followed his father’s example and fell in love with a commoner, whom he met at a rock festival. But unlike the modest and charming Sonya, Mette-Marit was followed by a train of aggravating circumstances. The girl had an illegitimate son, and in her youth she tried illegal substances.

Society was not ready to accept this choice of heir. Then the prince called a press conference, during which the whole country watched with trepidation as Mette and Haakon talk about their love. The sincerity of the lovers convinced the people of Norway, even with inveterate cynics, tears appeared in their eyes.


Nevertheless, this alliance greatly undermined the ratings of the royal family. But as soon as the daughter appeared at the crown, everything worked out. Mette-Marit gave birth to two children: in 2004, Princess Ingrid Alexandra, and then, in 2005, Prince Sverre Magnus. And Haakon took the wife of his wife Marius into the family of the illegitimate son.

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4. Princess Ingrid Alexandra - the future Queen of Norway

Princess Ingrid Alexandra is a unique child, because she will become the first queen of the country after the succession reform introduced in Norway. Before her, a woman ruled only once, at the end of the fourteenth century. Therefore, Ingrid Alexandra will be the 1st full Queen of Norway in the last 1 centuries.


This fact inspires Norwegian women, because they are very emancipated. For example, in the country it is considered normal if a man takes maternity leave to care for a child. Therefore, the princess is very popular. With her modesty and calm disposition, she already charmed her subjects, and there is no doubt that the wise and kind queen is waiting for the Norwegians.

5. The main advantage of a family is a sense of humor

Prince Haakon loves to joke and reduce the degree of pathos at official events. For example, he caused a flurry of laughter when he disappeared at the anniversary of his parents, and then appeared again, but without a beard, which he had never shaved before. And during the traditional family exit to the balcony, the Crown Prince and his wife began to sing along to the children's choir, and then he even danced.

All in his father, by the way, and Prince Sverre: on the same balcony that same day, he caught a humorous mood and began to build faces and dance. The media often manages to capture the prince’s funny antics.


Grandfather Sverre, King of Norway Harald V, with his statements at official events often causes a great laugh among the deputies. For example, due to old age, rumors periodically appear in the media about his death, but Harald does not cease to ridicule this and in every possible way demonstrates pep.

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6. Royal people love sports

The Norwegian royal family is actively involved in sports, unlike other monarchs, and most often appears at sports competitions, and not at social parties. Most rulers of Norway love sailing. King Harald V even represented his country at the Olympics of 1964, 1968 and 1972, and his father, Olaf V, was even an Olympic champion.


Together with his wife, Queen Sonia, Harald made his way to Antarctica in 2015. And the couple are fond of ecotourism. Such is the royal hobby. Of course, children take an example: they engage in horse riding and sailing, ski and surf, go hiking, where they sleep in the open air.

7. Caring for the environment

For 15 years, Crown Prince Haakon has been driving an electric car. The family palace is equipped with solar panels, and there is almost no plastic in the residence of Prince Skaugum. The Crown Prince and his wife are actively urged to take care of the environment, to reduce the consumption of water and electricity.


The royal family tries not to wear natural fur products. Therefore, Kate Middleton, during an official visit to Norway, was very distinguished among all with her fluffy hat. The country plans to completely stop the production of fur by 2025.

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8. Appreciate a simple life

Can you imagine the royal using public transport? But in Norway, passengers of the electric train, it seems, are not at all surprised that the prince is traveling with them in the same carriage. The royal family does not fly to rest on a private island, does not hide behind a high fence and does not hire an impressive physique of guards. For example, last summer, the Crown Prince went with his family to Ibiza, where he sunbathed on towels next to other vacationers.


Mette-Marit did not have a chic wedding dress (she chose the little-known local brand Ove Harder Finseth), a solemn discharge from the hospital, as is customary, for example, in Britain or Spain. Parents always wished their children a normal childhood like everyone else - with walks on the street and pranks. By the way, the prince and princess go to a regular high school.

9. Princess Martha Louise - a rebel in a good way

The princess often violated the protocol, chose ripped jeans instead of sophisticated dresses, climbed the trees, where she dreamed of ordinary life. She refused the title and state money, now lives in an ordinary house, drives a truck and pays taxes. Itself deals with children, sometimes resorting to the help of a nanny or cleaning company, as many Norwegians do. She opened charitable foundations to support the disabled, seriously ill people, athletes, young talents.


Even Martha Louise is notorious for her divorce and new relationships with a person who calls himself a spiritual shaman. The princess herself seriously considers herself clairvoyant.

10. The son of the crown princess Mette-Marit and his girlfriend - Norwegian Megan and Harry

21-year-old Marius refused official execution of royal duties and is now on his own security. Recently, he began dating model Juliana Sneckestad, who is known for her candid shots in men's magazines. The media announced a real hunt for a couple, comparing the lovers with the former Duke and Duchess of Sussex, since Meghan Markle is famous for the provocative photo shoot for Men's Health. The royal house defended the young couple, saying that Marius had the right to freedom of personal life.


Do you think the Norwegian royal family can compete with the British? Or is Mette-Marit no match for Kate Middleton?

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