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Fruit juices are not always healthy.


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When a person is diagnosed with diabetes, he is incredibly surprised. After all, many are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right and drink a lot of fruit juices. So, Mrs. G. was shocked to hear from doctors about diabetes. The woman was overweight and predisposed to the disease, but she carefully monitored her health, did not allow herself to eat harmful food. Where does such a diagnosis come from? After a long conversation, it turned out that Mrs. G. loved to use fresh juices. She considered this to be a correct and beneficial habit, which saturates the body with useful and nutrients. When doctors asked her to stop using juices, she was skeptical. But complied with the recommendations of the doctors. And three months after the juice abstinence, her illness no longer required additional insulin.

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What is the matter? Why is drinking fruit juices regularly in large quantities really not very helpful? The truth is that a glass of this delicacy can be equated to a glass of water with sugar. In a glass with juice, you eat fruit without fiber, without apple peel, without crimson seed, or without an orange membrane. These are the fibers that contain vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and trace elements necessary for the body. With fruits, the stomach gets nutrition, which slows down the absorption of sugar and controls insulin spikes. Also note that the average orange contains 45 calories, while a glass of orange juice already contains more than 100. It is more beneficial for the body to chew fruit than to use only its liquid component.

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It is necessary to reconsider their habits of healthy eating, drinking juices and especially for children. Promotional tricks, television, the environment, attractive packaging will convince you that the fruit juice from the solid benefit. Until 6, a child does not need a lot of juices in the menu. Therefore, first of all, treat fruit juices as dessert and pleasure, and not a wholesome dish. And even more so limit the use of juices after strength training or during the period of drug treatment.

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