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Not only Legkostupova: Russian stars who conflicted with Alla Pugacheva


Source: Word and deed

Show business is not complete without intrigue. About Russian stars who fell out with the Prima Donna, says Word and deed.

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Alla Pugacheva is the star of the first magnitude of Russian show business. It is not surprising that many colleagues in the shop often want to befriend the singer. However, there are those who cannot stand the Diva.

One of these is singer Mikhail Muromov, known to the general public for his hit "Apples in the Snow". Some believed that Pugacheva helped Muromov in his career, but, as he himself claims, Alla Borisovna influenced his career decline much more. In an interview, he said that his bright personality and success in the late 1980s were the envy of Pugacheva.

“I will say immodestly: a bright personality. That's enough, ”Muromov replied to the question about the quarrel with Pugacheva.

According to the singer, Pugacheva had people who made it so that Mikhail was not shown on television. This negatively affected his career.

With the poet Ilya Reznik, Pugacheva did not get along well after his divorce. The fact is that the Prima Donna took the side of the poet's wife, and later helped her ruin Reznik's reputation. A once-strong friendship instantly turned into hatred.

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Pugacheva did not have a good communication with music critic Sergei Sosedov. He said that the singer has long been "time to rest." Naturally, the prima donna did not like such hints.

“She doesn't have to go on stage anymore because she's not in that physical shape. Alas, this is a pitiful sight, when the artist comes out and barely moves across the stage, suffocates, breathes with difficulty ”- these words of Sosedov served as a reason for the“ quarrel ”.

Rumor has it that the singer Masha Rasputina lost Pugacheva's affection when she refused to participate in her project "Christmas Meetings". At the time of the quarrel, Rasputin was at the peak of popularity, but, as the singer herself comments on this story, no one invited her to this show. True, later she threw a strange phrase to reporters about a quarrel with Pugacheva:

“I have never been a sheep and a round dance around the Christmas tree. I have my own path, my songs, I know what I'm doing. "

It also recently became known that the late Valentina Legkostupova in her unsuccessful career who blamed the prima donna... For example, Vadim Manukyan, an expert on the media commission of the Public Chamber of Russia, who had been friends with Valentina Valerievna for many years, shared that the star was very worried about her oblivion.

“After all, Valya was one of those whose creative destiny was interrupted due to some intrigue. She publicly spoke about this, but did not give her last name. Although we all perfectly understand what kind of lady she was talking about - Alla Pugacheva, ”concluded Manukyan.

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