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'With oxygen and wearing makeup': Anita Tsoi, who became ill with COVID-19, was accused of lying


Source: RIA News

Singer Anita Tsoi was hospitalized in one of the capital's hospitals with coronavirus. But part of the audience of the singer does not believe in her ailment, according RIA News.

Photo Shoot: anitatsoy / Instagram

Instagram users suspected singer Anita Tsoi of lying about coronavirus infection.

The actress published a video from the hospital ward and talked about her well-being.

“When I feel bad, I don’t get in touch, and when I feel better, I immediately appear here to cheer you up and say that everything is going where I need to go. A little more and, probably, they will also discharge me. Another week, if not more. Unfortunately, I still cannot live without oxygen, but that's okay, ”she said.

However, some subscribers have doubts that Choi is really sick with COVID-19. Users noted that the singer looks too good for a sick person.

“Well, again, like Babkina is direct: they are prettier from the crown, well, all such a patient with oxygen sits wearing makeup,” the subscriber wrote.

“Do you want to catch me ugly? Dying? Not! We are the stars. It is not permissible for us, ”the artist answered him.

"This is a fake infa, you don't look sick, how much did you get paid for this theater?" - asked the singer a user of the social network.

"What is the benefit of such advertising?" - Choi asked her.

"Aren't you ashamed to lie?" - another fan was indignant.

"Caution! You may have a problem, ”the artist warned in response.

Also, many subscribers wished the singer health and a speedy recovery.

RIA Novosti was informed about the hospitalization by Choi on June 30 by the press secretary of the singer Anna Kruzhel. The representative of the artist emphasized that Tsoi observed self-isolation and all precautions, so it is difficult to imagine how she became infected with the coronavirus.

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