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'Don't Try to Be Superheroes': How Parents Survive Children's Distance Learning



We all need to stop trying to be superheroes - and breathe out a little.

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Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the massive transition of schools to distance learning, parents from all over the world faced the problem of how to combine the incompatible: the need to organize full-fledged studies of children from home, including performing tons of homework, and their own remote work. Not to mention domestic and other duties that no one has canceled.

Many mothers and fathers are now in great stress, because just not able to cope with what fell upon them.

The director of one of the Irish schools located in the suburb of Dublin Dalkey School Project National School tried to slightly reduce the passions, describing his vision of the problem in a publication on the school website.

First, a few comments about the transition to distance learning and the current situation.

This is not home schooling. This is an unprecedented situation that the whole world is now facing. Let's be objective.

Home schooling is your choice when you consider different options, prepare, plan and take the responsibility of becoming a teacher for your child in the form you have chosen. This is what distance learning looks like at its best.

In reality, everything is somewhat different: we are just trying not to drown in all this, because no one knows what needs to be done.
It is you who is responsible for your child’s education. If you decide that your child will not do anything that is sent to him, but will play mud all day, bake cakes or watch TV, this is your decision. It's your right. And there is nothing to worry about and suffer from guilty feelings about.

Schools themselves do not know what to do. They practically did not have time to prepare. They were told to continue to conduct the lessons as usual, but in any way to convert them to digital format, as if it were real. If this were true, we would very quickly be unemployed.

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It is impossible to simultaneously help a junior high school student and work from home. The idea itself is complete nonsense. If you are trying to do this, stop immediately.

Of course, you can hang out a little while the child is studying, but the main thing for you - especially now - is your work and survival. So stop trying to become superheroes.

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