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'I will not call this time happy': Kate Middleton first spoke about severe pregnancies



Kate Middleton made her debut in Giovanna Fletcher’s podcast “Happy Mom, Happy Baby”. During the conversation, the duchess spoke not only about her methods of education, but also about three pregnancies, which were very difficult, writes

Kate Middleton rarely gives interviews, and therefore each new conversation with reporters is widely discussed. The other day, the Duchess of Cambridge took part in the podcast Giovanna Fletcher's “Happy Mom, Happy Baby”, answering the most common questions about motherhood.

At some point, it came to pregnancy, and Kate admitted that she could not call these nine months a happy time.

“I had very severe weakness and nausea in the morning. I know that for many people everything is even worse, but for me it still became a real challenge. And not only for me - for everyone around me, because the birth of a child affects everyone in the family, ”Middleton explained.

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The duchess admitted that her husband tried to support her in everything - even where he was absolutely powerless. “William saw how bad I was, but could not help. It is always difficult when a person close to you suffers, and you can’t do anything about it, ”admitted a mother of many children.

The nausea accompanying almost the entire pregnancy discouraged Kate from having any desire. “I didn’t eat much of what I had to eat, like a future mother, but, thank God, my body could even grow a new life inside myself,” Middleton said.

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The Duchess also confirmed the fact that she practiced childbirth under hypnosis.

“I felt that it works. Meditation, deep measured breathing - all that you are taught in preparation for childbirth under hypnosis. I felt very bad during pregnancy, so the thought that I could control something myself made me extremely happy. I read a lot of articles about how to eat properly during pregnancy, about the necessary exercises. But being in a good mental state is equally important, ”said Kate.

Middleton also described the panic in which she, having just given birth to Prince George, needed to go out to the public. Nevertheless, Kate felt that she should do this, because the fate of their family is not indifferent to many. Fortunately, according to the Duchess, for the first and subsequent times, everyone was as favorable to them as possible, so they were happy to share their joy with the world.

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