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'Can't get used to it': Prince Harry's friend talks about Megan's influence and difficulties in living in the USA


Source: New Time

Well-known British primatologist and animal advocate Jane Goodall maintains contact with Prince Harry after his move to the United States. She told how he lives in Los Angeles, writes "New Time".


After the 35-year-old Prince Harry and his 38-year-old wife Meghan Markle resigned as members of the royal family, they moved to live in Los Angeles, Meghan Markle's hometown. Jane Goodall, the famous British primatologist and anthropologist, a longtime friend of Prince Harry, was at his house in Frogmore House. And after the move, the prince continues to maintain relations with him, reports Express.

In an interview with Radio Times, she said that she called up with him, and Prince Harry confessed that he was experiencing certain difficulties and was not yet used to a new life and the environment around him.

“I don’t know how his career will develop now, but I keep in touch with him and I think that it’s difficult for him now.”

Goodall hinted in an interview on the level of influence of Meghan Markle on Prince Harry. When the conversation turned to Prince Harry and his brother Prince William’s favorite pastimes — hunting, she said: “I think Harry will no longer hunt, because Megan doesn't like hunting. I think that now this topic is closed to him. "

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So, in 2004, Prince Harry was convicted of a photo in which he posed next to the body of a buffalo killed in a hunt.

In her interview, Goodall also noted that Prince Harry had long known that he would leave the royal family. And she cited as an example the conversation that took place between them at Frogmore House.

“I taught little Archie to wave the queen in greeting. I then said: “This will surely come in handy for him. To which Harry replied to me: "No, he will not grow like that."


The other day, information appeared in the media that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had already bought a Mel Gibson estate, located in Malibu, worth $ 15 million, reports The Sun. Real estate agent from Los Angeles Andrea Pilot posted this information on her Instagram, but within a few minutes after publication, the post was deleted and the agency did not confirm this information.

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It is known about the house that its windows offer stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, it is surrounded by two hectares of land, the house has a well-equipped kitchen, two swimming pools, a gym, and the owners of this house receive membership in a private beach club. It is also known that before Mel Gibson the house belonged to David Duchovny.

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