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Can't be: 5 celebrities who turn 50 this year



Age is just a figure in a passport. And the blooming appearance of these women is an excellent confirmation of this, writes

Photo Shoot: claudiaschiffer / Instagram

Famous women, who turned 50 this year (I can't even believe it), shared their secrets of a happy life and youth!

Melania Trump

The wife of the President of the United States, Melania Trump, turned 50 this year. The woman looks much younger. Many are convinced that the reason for this is the intervention of plastic surgeons, but Trump completely denies this. She says that she is categorically against injections and operations, it is enough for her to lead a healthy lifestyle to look great. The rest is a matter of genetics.

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Mariah Carey

Photo Shoot: mariahcarey / Instagram

Mariah Carey is a very talented singer and incredibly charming woman. She managed to get rid of the extra pounds that appeared after giving birth, and she looks brilliant again. Mariah willingly shares the secret of her youth - she has repeatedly told reporters that to maintain the elasticity and freshness of the skin, she bathes in milk at least once a week, as Cleopatra herself once did.

Claudia Schiffer

Photo Shoot: claudiaschiffer / Instagram

On the day of her 50th birthday, Claudia received a lot of compliments about her appearance. Many agree that the model does not look her age. Schiffer says that the secret of eternal youth lies in a happy family life and a healthy lifestyle. No magic!

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Naomi Campbell

Photo Shoot: naomi / Instagram

Naomi Campbell looks really amazing in her 50s. With her figure, she can give odds to many young girls. The model takes good care of herself, goes in for sports every day and adheres to a vegetarian diet.

Lara Fabian

Photo Shoot: larafabianofficial / Instagram

Lara Fabian has an amazing vocal talent. The singer has already spent 30 years on stage, but it is very difficult to believe that she is 50. Lara says her secret is positive thinking. The famous artist enjoys life and does not think that in a couple of years she will have more noticeable wrinkles. After all, every age has its own beauty.

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