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'I can’t miss him': Lolita told how Tsekalo deceived and humiliated her


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Alexander Tsekalo became the third spouse of the singer. The couple has been together since the mid-80s when they created the Academy cabaret duet, which has become incredibly popular. Lolita admits that after the divorce, the former left her with almost nothing, secretly depositing money in another account, says "StarHit".

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Divorce Lolita and Alexander loudly discussed. In 2000, the couple divorced after 12 years of relationship. As the star recalls in an interview with Dmitry Gordon, the ex-husband all this time assured her that she would not achieve anything in her solo career.

“I can’t miss either the Academy cabaret duet or Tsekalo. I treat all this as a period of my youth and with a tribute to my partner. But his human qualities in many ways did not suit me. When we parted, I was 37 years old, and I did not know whether I would be a solo artist. Sasha inspired me to do this. He said all the time that nobody needs me. This is the essence of my female nature: to endure and think that there is nothing behind these relationships, the afterlife.

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He lied to me for money. Shabtai Kalmanovich told how he helped Sasha open a bank account in Austria secretly from me. During the divorce, I found out that only a small part of the money that we earned remained. I don’t know where the rest are. When we got divorced, he said: "You were able to pass the glory and money, but I could not." We don’t communicate now, ”says Lolita.

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The artist was not lucky with other husbands. Just last year, her fifth marriage to Dmitry Ivanov ended. According to Lolita, the ex-husband give her the pills from which she gained weight. Now in court, she proves that Dima harmed her health.

“When you are in an abusive relationship with a person who has a narcissistic disorder, it affects not only the psyche, but also the weight. Such people are not always aware of the manipulation. They improve them, but they, daffodils, have a different blood chemistry. It is incredibly difficult to live with such a person. For two years none of the doctors could understand what was happening to me. It just adds weight. Wherever I have not been examined, they are diagnosed with psychosomatics. Then it turned out that I was exposed to drugs that I did not know about. Therefore, the story can be said to be criminal.

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So, when I found the strength in myself to drive him out and called my psychiatrist, she drew attention to one hormone, the readings of which went off scale. This happens only in people who walk heroin through a vein. It's not about me. So it turned out about the drugs - I recovered and got in shape in a month, which is very rare. But a little more - and there would be krants. Now the authorities are dealing with this story, ”says Lolita.


The singer cannot yet finally solve legal issues with Dmitry. Nevertheless, she is already passionate about new relationships.

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