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'I could not and did not want to live': the family of Stella Tennant named the cause of death of the supermodel


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Fans of the British woman, her friends and colleagues hardly believe in what happened, and the family asked to respect their grief and the right to privacy. Two weeks later, they nevertheless made an official statement. Today.Lifestyle.

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Relatives deceased in December Scottish model Stella Tennant was named the cause of her death. They confirmed that Stella had committed suicide.

The muse of fashion designers has reportedly suffered from a mental breakdown for a long time.

“Stella was a beautiful soul, loved by her family and friends. She was a sensitive and talented woman, whose creativity, intellect and humor touched many. For a while she was unwell. For us, this is a matter of deepest sorrow and despair. She could not and did not want to live any longer, despite the love of the people closest to her, ”the message says.

Having started her career in the 1990s, Stella Tennant has become a sought-after model and has collaborated with global brands Chanel, Calvin Klein, Victoria Beckham, Hermès, Burberry, Zara.

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Stella Tennant was the favorite of Karl Lagerfeld, Alexander McQueen. She has repeatedly starred for the covers of top magazines Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Numero and many others.

The model was married to French photographer David Lasnet. The couple had four children.

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