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Do not lie down on the sidewalk and do not walk an elephant off a leash: the most ridiculous US laws


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Do you want to know in which state of the United States it is officially forbidden to sell a donut hole, and where you can be fined for looking too frowning? A selection of the country's strangest laws and useful English words published Inglex.

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California State

  • Petty crime (AmE - a misdemeanor, BrE - a misdemeanour) counts if you shoot any kind of game (game) from moving vehicles. However, you can safely shoot if your target (a target) is the whale (a whale).

Wondering when whale hunting season starts in California?

  • Peacocks (peacocks) have the right to go first (the right way) when crossing any street, including driveways to the house (driveways).

Now it is clear why they shoot whales: apparently, insolent mammals do not give way to poor birds.

  • You can't eat ice cream while standing on the sidewalk (AmE - sidewalk, BrE - pavement).

Lie down or sit down and the problem is solved.

  • Don't even think about detonating a nuclear device (to detonate a nuclear device) in the city (within the city limits)otherwise you will have to pay a fine (a fine) $ 500.

I wonder what the person who passed such a law was thinking?

  • Prohibited (it's prohibited) take the dog in the elevator (AmE - elevator, BrE - lift).

Well, how, pray tell, to make your beloved Labrador climb on its own to the 15th floor? And how can you survive such a marathon yourself?

  • Trumpeters (trumpet player) it is forbidden to play your musical instrument with the intent to lure (with the intention of luring) anyone to the store.

It is necessary to tell the person who adopted this law that the Sale sign lures people into the store, and not people with musical instruments.

  • It is forbidden to hunt moths (to hunt moths) under the light of lanterns and chase butterflies (to chase butterflies).

Better go and shoot whales, it's allowed.

  • Dogs shouldn't chase squirrels (to chase squirrels) summer.

You can't ride in an elevator, you can't run after squirrels ... The life of dogs in California is hard and unprepossessing.

  • Elephants are not allowed to walk (to stroll down) on Market Street if they are not tied (on a leash).

You can walk your pet as long as you like, the main thing is not to let him off the leash.

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New jersey state

  • It is forbidden to wear a bulletproof vest (a bullet proof vest) during the murder (while committing a murder).

Do you think that the expression "law-abiding killers" is an oxymoron (a combination of the incongruous)? But in New Jersey they think differently.

  • Men are not allowed to knit (to knit) in fishing season (a fishing season).

Be a man: leave the knitting needles, go fishing.

  • Forbidden to frown (to frown)as New Jersey is considered a "scowl-free area" (a Frown-Free Zone).

A very nice law. Just remember to wear a smile before entering this state.

  • There is also a separate law against frowning when you look at a police officer. (a police officer).

We smile and wave the handle!

  • Forbidden to detain (to delay / to detain) carrier pigeon (a homing pigeon).

New Jersey Wing Air Mail operates without delay.

  • All cats are required to wear three bells (bells)to warn (to warn) birds about their location (whereabouts).

Well, what do you order cats to do in New Jersey? Looking for a deaf bird?

  • Forbidden to annoy (to annoy) person of the opposite sex (someone of the opposite sex).

Have you ever met couples who never quarrel? That's right, they didn't, because they all live in New Jersey - a state free from gloom and irritation.

  • Forbidden to offer (to offer) whiskey or cigarettes to animals at the local zoo (the local zoo).

That is, outside the zoo, you can offer a cigarette to some dog or cat with bells around its neck. The main thing is not to distract the pigeons.

  • It is forbidden to eat pickled cucumbers (pickles) on Sundays (on Sunday).

And with all this, you should smile and not get annoyed ...

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State of Mississippi

  • It is forbidden to give a bribe (to bribe) athletes in order to falsify (to rig) the result of the game. The exception is wrestlers (wrestlers).

We support, you have to win in an honest way. True, it's a shame for the wrestlers: no one will trust them now.

  • Minors (minors) have the right to buy cigarette paper (rolling paper) and tobacco (tobacco)but they are not allowed to buy a lighter (a lighter).

This is probably why there are so many videos on YouTube on the topic How to make a fire without matches or a lighter (How to light a fire without matches or a lighter).

  • Illegally (unlawful) giving beer or other intoxicating drinks (intoxicants) elephants.

Has anyone in Mississippi really tried this?

  • Forbidden to ask (to request) watch someone (to watch over) your parked car.

The state of Mississippi needs a new hero - an alarm man who will break the law and guard the car while its owner is away on business.

  • Can't honk (to honk) someone else's horn (horn).

It's a pity, because I really wanted to beep in the taxi.

State of nebraska

  • Bar owners are only allowed to sell beer if they brew at the same time (to brew) soup in a pot (a kettle).

Beer without soup is a waste of money!

  • It is illegal to catch whales (to go whale fishing).

That's right: if you want to hunt whales - welcome to california (welcome to California).

  • It is forbidden to sell a hole (a hole) from donut (a donut).

It seems that someone has read Mayakovsky: "For some - a donut, for others - a donut hole - this is a democratic republic."

  • Hairdressers are not allowed to eat onions (an onion) in from 7 am to 7 pm.

Fair enough! We are both for the adoption of such a law in our country.

Illinois State

  • It's forbidden to hum to yourself (to hum) songs if you are outside on Sunday.

Okay, we all understood, we have to sing at home.

  • It is illegal to use a slingshot (a sling shot)if you are not a law enforcement officer (a law enforcement officer).

I wonder if in America all cops wear slingshots or just the happy residents of Illinois?

  • Drinks at the expense of the establishment (drinks on the house) prohibited by law.

H - injustice.

  • Spiteful gossip (spiteful gossips) and conversations behind someone's back (behind a person's back) illegal.

If you gossip, a policeman with a slingshot will come!

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State of Louisiana

  • It is forbidden to rob a bank (to rob a bank) and shoot the bank teller (a bank teller) water gun (a water pistol).

But here we support: a shot in the face with a water pistol is a shame, and girls' makeup can also suffer.

  • You can't tie an alligator (alligator) to the fire hydrant (a fire hydrant).

Apparently, in Louisiana, every second resident has a domesticated toothy pet, which the owners like to walk on a leash ...

  • If you bite someone with your "natural" teeth (natural teeth), this is considered a simple assault without aggravating circumstances (a simple assault)... If you bite someone with false teeth (false teeth), this is already considered an aggravated assault (an aggravated assault).

Do older people in America bite so often that the authorities decided to pass such a strange law?

  • It is forbidden to make gurgling sounds (to gargle) in public places.

Don't bite, don't gurgle - the people of Louisiana are bored, very boring.

Ohio State

  • The cops are allowed to bite (to bite) dog to silence her (to quiet).

I would like to see how the policeman is going to calm down the Alabai or Tibetan Mastiff in this way.

  • Forbidden to catch (to catch) mice without a hunting license (a hunting license).

I wonder if this law applies only to people or cats also need to get a license?

  • Can't throw (to throw) snakes (snakes) into people.

And it is also necessary to prohibit fighting with lizards and hitting people with crocodiles, otherwise the law is incomplete.

State of arkansas

  • It is forbidden to give alcoholic drinks to moose (to feed alcoholic beverages to moose).

Do not even try to treat the horned to alcohol, this threatens with proceedings with the law enforcement officers.

  • Flamingo owners (flamingos) it is forbidden to bring your pets to hairdressing salons (barber shops).

Complete disappointment: how can you get a haircut without your favorite bird !?

  • Dogs are not allowed to bark (to bark) after 6 pm.

If you are the lucky owner of a small but very angry Chihuahua, it is best not to visit Arkansas at all. Wondering how the locals deal with this?

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State of massachusetts

  • One old law (ordinance) states that men with a goatee (goatees) are not allowed to be within the state. An exception will be made to those who have paid the license fee (license fee).

Any whim for your money: pay the fee and grow the goatee of your dreams.

  • All men should take a rifle with them (a rifle) to church on Sundays.

What for? What for?

  • Bullets (bullets) cannot be used as currency (currency).

“This dress costs 99 bullets and 99 balls of shot” - we agree, it sounds bad, we approve of this law.

State of nevada

  • Can't ride a camel (a camel) on the highway (a highway).

That's right: the ships of the desert should plow the expanses of the desert, not the highways.

  • Allowed (!) To hang (to hang) the person who shot your dog on your property (a property).

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth is a hard principle, but it is he who protects the life of the dogs of Nevada.

  • Forbidden to lie down (to lie down) onto the sidewalk.

Slipped. Fell. Lost consciousness. I woke up. Fine.

Yes, we will never understand what makes people adopt such laws, and most importantly - also live by them. And yet we hope that you will not judge too harshly someone else's mentality and just laugh heartily at the ridiculous restrictions. Also, try learning words from the article to enrich your speech.

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