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Doesn’t eat vegetables and does not recognize duvet covers: everyday life odds with an American


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“I live in Barcelona. After moving here, I started dating a young man from America. We have been together for a year now, and although the main disagreements are behind us, there are still many everyday features to which we have to adapt, ”writes the author of the channel I am waiting for you in Barcelona at Yandex Zen.

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In bed

No, this is not at all what you thought. We argue only because of the duvet cover: a man refuses to recognize his existence.

Twice a year he gives the blanket to the dry cleaner and that's it. Instead of a duvet cover, he uses a sheet, which naturally rolls into a ball overnight. He explains this by the fact that he “likes the material of the blanket to the touch”.


For breakfast we usually make scrambled eggs and bacon and buttered toast. The bacon must be "correct", American, and we buy butter with it to each our own. I take the creamy one, and he prefers margarine and says he doesn't feel the difference.

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The next difficulty is that he buys skim milk for himself, which is stored for six months in a cupboard, while in Russia I am used to drinking fresh milk (shelf life is about 5 days). As a result, in the mornings, everyone drinks coffee with their milk and eats toasts with their butter. In addition, he drinks only sweet soda.

Vegetables fruits

My friend does not eat vegetables and fruits at all. If a piece of salad is wrapped in shawarma, then the dish is considered spoiled. At the same time vegetables for him "taste like paper", banana has "too banana taste", and watermelon has "not enough taste".

He only eats potatoes and avocados. Therefore, we also usually prepare two side dishes: I have a salad for myself, and he gives himself pasta, rice or french fries.

And what everyday differences in life with your American husband or boyfriend have you noticed?

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