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Do not the gods burn pots

Sergey Evelev

writer, TV and radio host


What is the most important, most valuable, most precious thing in our hectic life today? Someone might say - children, family. Someone is money. Time. World. Someone will put calmness first. Certainly some clever guy will call stupidity the most expensive, since you have to pay the most for it. Everyone is right, although each in its own way. Popular author and radio host Sergey Evelev believes that the most important and valuable in our life is information.

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In some recent nineteenth-twentieth century, a person in his whole life did not recognize as much as the Internet today splashes out on us in a week. Although it is wonderful, it also imposes certain obligations on us, the users. How much time we spend on the search, what we are looking for, whether we find and what we do with the found?

We study, copy, forward, take into account, ignore, buy or sell online? A lot of information, little time and all the time flashed the opportunity to connect the seller with the buyer, to invest in advanced technology, hit the jackpot, guess the future Microsoft or Apple and buy cheaper shares. But many of us were already here on earth, when we started both these two companies, Google, Facebook, Skype, and many others. Why did everyone not react, buy, not stock up on ative?

Those who promint, now probably in full chocolate or even marmalade.

And they are wrong to think that everything new has already been invented and that nothing can be found and earned on the Internet. Millions of ideas are in our heads, thousands of companies are born every day. Dozens survive, and somewhere out there is hiding for now, from us, inexperienced, hunting for luck people, the next Amazon and Uber. And so, probably, will always be. So there is a chance, the main thing is not to calm down and keep your nose in the wind.

As for successful businessmen at the head of small, medium and even large companies, their genius, sagacity and ability to foresee everything are often greatly exaggerated. No, of course, there are geniuses, but there are only one in fifty million of them, as elsewhere and in everything. One is for millions of businessmen with successful, profitable businesses. The rest just got there on time, guessed right with the idea, found like-minded people, and quickly reacted to mistakes, their own and those of others. We were able to instantly rebuild, if the situation required it. So they survived.

I’m not saying that in the success of a business the share of its founder is not so great, but rather to encourage those who think about their own business and are not sure if he has enough strength, skill, endurance, money, persistence and other the necessary qualities.

And the women, our vanguard, also do not stand aside from the road and confidently wedge themselves into the ranks where for centuries the men stood tightly to death, not letting the ladies, that is. Not everywhere and always were not allowed. For example, they were always allowed to go ahead in order to look from behind with pleasure, but to management, to occupying responsible positions related to a cold head, and so this is just not always the case. And, as it turned out, completely in vain. You and I probably already, using the examples of deputy prime ministers and members of the Knesset, and other women in the positions of the mighty of this world, we know that it is possible, and sometimes even necessary, to entrust them with a responsible task. Of course - not for everyone, not always and not for any position. However, just like not any representative of the strong (as sometimes it seems) sex, you can entrust the management of a company, a council, a region, a country. And the madness happening in the world is an excellent proof of this. Even in the army, women are already slowly conquering their territories - both as pilots and tankers. Well, in spies - since Mata Hari or even earlier - women have proven themselves very well. Sometimes only information with names, dates and facts breaks through. And so, basically, everything is classified, as it should be. I think that over the next hundred years, women's participation in the management of enterprises and countries will increase to fifty percent. This, for sure, will bring additional colors into our life, different from the male (and therefore always female) point of view on any subject - from a baby diaper to the place and time of hostilities. And the Internet, as I have already mentioned, will only speed up this process, saturate it with information and equip future women leaders with knowledge that both they and we, men, could not even dream of thirty years ago.

So, do not dwell on trifles and include full speed ahead. We order a fair wind and good luck ... everyone who is not afraid of rolling, shaking, loss, hardship and risk.

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