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Named unexpected makeup hazards


A source: Rambler

Your face is in danger! What are the consequences of excessive makeup application, or very dense daily makeup?

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Your pores will expand

And it is quite predictable, writes Rambler. The skin is harder to breathe under a layer of foundation, which is practically not absorbed into the skin and clogs the pores. Moreover, during the day, a large number of bacteria are deposited on the skin, which do not add value to your face.

You risk getting something dangerous

Of course, you say, "My face is always clean." This is true, but here your cosmetic bag can hardly be compared with the purity of your face. Even if you forget about the cosmetic bag, new bacteria get into any product after opening. It may be that bacteria react with carcinogens, in cases with poor-quality cosmetics. Therefore, the more cosmetic products you put on your face, the greater the chance of getting infected.

Early skin aging and wrinkles

Each of us at least once had to stretch the skin around the eyes to draw the very perfect arrow, or draw the eye with a pencil. Now imagine how many times you have to rub your face if you do it too often. In some cases, to make eye makeup, you have to wrinkle your forehead, which leads to the early appearance of wrinkles.

Excessive formation of carcinogens on the skin

It is quite natural that we have chemical processes with or without cosmetics on our face. Poor quality cosmetics can react with bacteria on your face and form carcinogens that do not make your skin healthy, but only aggravate its condition.

You spend more makeup removers and cosmetics

No, this is not a call for savings on everything. But it is a fact that more free funds will appear in your budget, and the skin will not dry out due to an excessive amount of washes.

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Without cosmetics you feel naked

Glossy magazines teach us that a person who looks like a mannequin is natural beauty. But this desire for "naturalness" ultimately leads to the fact that without makeup, we look tired and not perfect.

Hormones make you beautiful

In the course of psychological research "The Psychological Record" has been proven the link between the menstrual cycle and the application of makeup. Scientists suggest that during this "fruitful" period, women want to look more attractive and they put on more makeup.

People can condemn you

“And how much plaster does she have on her face?” - this phrase is already rather trite and banal in our society. Yes, people really often condemn makeup and evaluate it, and with it, and us.

But if you look from the other side ...

You may feel prettier

When we feel beautiful, our self-esteem rapidly grows upwards, and with it our confidence. Appearance is not the last place for the successful development of the personality, even in the case when beauty begins from within, and appearance is not the main thing.

There are other ways to feel more confident.

Do not forget that the natural beauty must also be protected and multiplied. A healthy diet will allow you to have beautiful skin from nature, and regular exercises will help you to have a beautiful posture and a fit figure in sports. You can also use skin care cosmetics that moisturize the skin and do not clog pores.

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