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Named product, because of which women are more likely to get cancer



Scientists from the University of Leeds have published the results of a 17-year study. It was attended by women aged 35 to 39 years - a total of 32 people. Most of all, experts were interested in what women eat and how their diet affects their health.

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As a result, four main food groups were identified. The first group included those who consumed red meat, poultry and fish once a week or less. In the second - those who gave preference to fish and ate it at least once a week, tells The third is those who ate fish and poultry once a week or more. And the fourth group - those who ate mostly red meat, not fish or poultry. Let's make a reservation right away that researchers mean pork, beef, lamb, by-products and semi-finished meat products by red meat.

Comparing the state of health of all these women, the scientists found out: those who adhered to the fourth type of nutrition, often fell ill with rectal cancer. In fairness it should be noted that the number of such women was small, only about one percent.

“In any case, this data is important. If a person has a family predisposition to cancer or he seriously thinks about prevention, it is better to limit the consumption of meat, ”says the head of the study, Dr. Diego de Jorguy.

It is noteworthy that at the beginning of the year, the University of Glasgow conducted an even larger study that covered 273 466 women. His results were disappointing. If a lady in 35 − 40 allows herself three slices of bacon per week, then her risk of developing breast cancer increases.

And at the Center for Cancer Research in Washington, another study was conducted, in which 82 thousand women participated. The observations lasted 22 years. As a result, it turned out that women who eat meat twice a week were diagnosed with endometriosis 56 percent more often than those who were not meat eaters.

"It is assumed that the consumption of red meat affects the production of hormones that cause endometriosis," - says Fred Hutchinson, the head of the study.

More movement and fresh vegetables, less fatty and fried, to exclude alcohol and smoking - this formula for a healthy life is known to all who care about their health. And this list of foods and herbs available to you anytime, anywhere, is well worth hanging on the door of your refrigerator as a reminder that it is time to replenish stocks of top products related to anti-cancer nutrition.

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