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Back to the USSR: 16 things for the home that we yearn for


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These are objects that surrounded us or our parents in Soviet times. They are associated with youth, carefree childhood, family and comfort. They are still very useful, writes

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Form for dumplings

Many of our grandparents made dumplings “in bulk” - thanks to this form. Its advantages are obvious: it goes twice as fast, and all the dumplings are smooth and beautiful.

Vintage chandelier

Luxurious crystal or glass chandeliers adorned many living rooms in the USSR. Before each holiday, they were washed with vinegar, after which they sparkled with all facets. Such chandeliers will become a decoration of a modern interior in a classic style.

"Hunters at Rest"

Swans, deer or hunters at rest looked at us from paintings or wall hangings in many Soviet apartments. These stories can now be rendered as high quality canvas prints or even diamond paintings, as in this example. This is a great gift option for craft lovers.

Manual meat grinder

It is good to have such an assistant at hand even today - in addition to an electric meat grinder or blender. It saves energy and does not take up much space.

Retro telephone

A fixed telephone with a rotary dialer is one of the most “magical” things of Soviet life. It's worth buying if only to see the surprised faces of children. I wonder how quickly they will learn to use this thing?

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Perhaps the most common toy of Soviet children is a bright, fun spinning top. Today's tops are decorated not only with stripes, but also with images of princesses, mermaids, dinosaurs and cute animals.

Soviet posters

Great decoration for a loft-style home or office. Various prints available.

Beads on the door

Many Soviet children simply adored the fabulous sounds of a door curtain made of wooden or plastic beads. You can still find one today. This is a great option for the kitchen or cottage.

Vintage receiver

Super stylish retro FM radio with Bluetooth will remind you of the times when the receiver and tape recorder were best friends, opening the magical world of rock and roll and underground.

Lace napkins

Lace napkins knitted by my grandmother are a recognizable part of the Soviet interior. Try pairing vintage napkins with candles, bamboo cup coasters, and carved glasses. This will add a cozy sophistication to the living room.

Waffle maker

In the 1080s, waffle iron appeared in many Soviet kitchens. Delicious crispy waffles were filled with boiled condensed milk with nuts.

String bag

Bags with kefir and a long loaf are a classic image from Soviet films. Recently, these comfortable shoppers have become very popular again - at the suggestion of European fashion designers who release fashion models with shopping bags in their hands on the catwalks.

Tablecloth like grandma's

Tablecloths in a cage or polka dots, and even with lace, evoke thoughts of a cozy tea party with pies, bagels and jam.


The siphon for soda and lemonade is sold at a good discount of minus 31%.

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Cassette player

A portable cassette player with a USB connector can be connected to a computer and listen to or digitize your favorite old recordings from cassettes.


Tetris appeared in 1984 and conquered not only the USSR, but the whole world. It is most convenient to play the legendary game not on the phone, but just like that, the old fashioned way.

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