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Natasha Koroleva told that really helps her in the struggle for the perfect figure


Source: 7 Days

Literally the other day, Natasha Koroleva, stripping down to her bikini, bragged about her figure without a photoshop - and proved that in 45 she was a berry again. Actually, under this motto, the singer lives all this year. And at the end of May she will celebrate the 46 anniversary.

I must say, age, really, did not spoil her figure. The actress carefully prepared for the current beach season and now can boast almost perfect forms, writes 7 Days. Make sure that the Queen does not need Photoshop to excite men's hearts, you can watch the video, where the singer performs a belly dance in front of the camera. Of course, Natasha has more work to do. For example, she does not have a steel press, like her husband Sergey Glushko. But the fact that she looks very appetizing, can hardly be disputed.

On the subject: Natasha Koroleva said that you can not eat with a tendency to be overweight

For many years, Natasha has been trying a variety of techniques to keep a body in shape. In an interview with 7 For the Days, the Queen honestly said: “In recent years, my whole life has been a struggle with overweight. And what can you do: with age, a good figure treubet great effort. " What she just did not try! Firstly, sports loads. “I constantly try something new. In fact, the female part of my family - mother and sister Rusya - is infinitely far from any kind of fitness. But I went to my dad, who always did physical exercise, ”the singer told 7 Days.

“I remember that he often stood on his head, believing that it improves health. I can't do such tricks, but I love to move very much and in my childhood I did a lot of dancing, but why is this not a sport? Since then I have tried everything from yoga to Pilates. I really enjoyed training on a vibrating platform, which was originally intended for the rehabilitation of astronauts, and then began to be used in fitness. On it you perform seemingly simple movements, but thanks to the constant shaking of the body, the effectiveness of the exercises increases thirty times! In addition, all muscle groups are involved. I can say that I am very pleased with the result: such a load is enough for me. The coach wrote me a program for forty minutes, where there is a warm-up, and the main part, and stretching, and relaxation. And I do not do it in the morning, but in the afternoon, when the body is most active. Ideally, you should devote time to this at least three times a week, but I must admit that I do not always succeed. A lot of work".

As for the diet, here too the singer tried different approaches. Among the most effective are the advice of English nutritionists and the 9-day diet.

Natasha’s advice from familiar British nutritionists turned out to be fairly simple and effective. The main rule - once a month you need to arrange a three-day hunger strike. And it is necessary to leave it with the help of boiled vegetables. It helps to adjust the body to priorities in the rest of the time, when you can eat everything that you want. Nutritionists say that if a three-day hunger strike will only bother the body once a month, the result will appear fairly quickly.

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Natasha tried to follow the nine-day diet by stepping over the threshold of the 40 anniversary. 9 days are divided into three periods, three days each. The bottom line is that in each “trimester” there is only one dish, while refusing salted smoked foods, spices and seasonings. The first three days you eat boiled rice. It is prepared in a special way: a glass of rice is poured with two liters of water and a tablespoon of honey is added. And then cook until done. In the next three days, you can choose between boiled fish and chicken. In just three days you can eat no more than a kilogram. Plus two teaspoons of honey every day. In the third period, only green vegetables are eaten: greens, cabbage, cucumbers, zucchini ...). You can eat them in the form of a salad, filling it with lemon juice and olive oil. And honey again, now three teaspoons a day.

Having already celebrated the 45 anniversary, the singer said: “I have long since abandoned dairy products. It was just that at some point the body signaled: “I am not very well. Enough I also refused all sausages and sausages - these are the main enemies of our body. ” In the summer, she prefers fruits and vegetables, chicken and fish. “I also allow myself to eat unleavened bread with butter early in the morning. Mmm, the best breakfast! ”She shared.

I must say that in recent years, the merit of Natasha's sultry appearance largely belongs to her husband. He became his wife's personal trainer, it was thanks to him that she pumped up the “Brazilian” ass, which she had long dreamed of ... And Sergey also became her personal nutritionist, because he knows everything about proper nutrition and training. True, Natasha admits that if in the future all her methods of maintaining a figure stop working, she does not exclude plastic surgery for herself.

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