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Natasha Koroleva said that you can not eat with a tendency to be overweight


Source: TVNZ

Natasha Koroleva never hid the fact that she is inclined to be overweight: the singer loves to eat good food, but allows herself this very rarely. The actress strictly follows the figure, because she appears on the stage in revealing outfits that do not forgive every extra kilogram.


Natalia does not stick to any well-known diet - she has developed her own power system, which works fine, says May 31 artist will celebrate 45 anniversary, and on the eve of the anniversary of the Queen shared the secret of her harmony. Natalia told what products she eats to lose weight, and from which she decisively refused.

According to the singer, she always tries to listen to her body in order to understand what food is good for him. That is why the Queen for several years does not eat dairy products.

“I have given up on dairy products for a long time. Just at some point, the body signaled: “I'm not very well. Enough, ”Natalia said. “I also gave up all sausages and sausages - these are the main enemies of our body.”


The singer practically does not eat red meat (pork and beef), preferring him chicken and fish. With the arrival of the summer season, the Queen tries to introduce into her diet as much as possible of fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits. For breakfast, Natalia usually eats porridge cooked in water, with fruit or raisins. Sometimes in the morning the artist allows herself a more dense and high-calorie meal:

“Recently, I began to allow myself to eat yeast-free bread with butter early in the morning. Mmm, the best breakfast ”, - says the singer.


The queen admits that she is quite austere in food: she eats about the same set of foods that are healthy but tasteless.

“It happens that I eat rather monotonous food for a long time and, as a rule, tasteless. More precisely, it tastes good for me, but I rather convinced myself psychologically that it was, ”says Koroleva.

If she wants to pamper herself with something exquisite, Natasha goes to a restaurant. And the star pacifies the appetite with the help of a certain sort of green tea brought by her from China. The singer drinks it all day and feels full.


The Queen spends a lot of energy at concerts, and she rarely gets to the gym. To keep in shape, Natalia does a hundred squats every day, as well as cardio exercises. On weekends, the Queen enjoys cycling or jogging in the fresh air. The main motivator for a healthy lifestyle for her is her husband Sergey Glushko. The singer's husband, known under the pseudonym Tarzan, maintains his body in impeccable shape, because he makes a living by striptease.

“My husband, of course, is my main example. And sometimes, looking at him, I feel ashamed of my unsportsmanlike appearance, ”says the Queen.


Natalia admits that she always ignores the scales and does not even know what her weight is. And if she feels that she is recovering, she simply removes sweets and pastries from the diet.

“I don’t like scales, I don’t like to count calories, but I just live how I feel,” says the artist. - I got better, so it is necessary to remove buns, sweets and the like from the diet. And everything will be all right at once. We are what we eat ”.

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