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How typical your husband is: a funny test from an immigrant


Source: "Elena in America" ​​on Yandex.Zen

Author of the channel "Elena in America" ​​on Yandex.Zen offers to check how your husband is a typical American. “The article is written with humor and generalization,” notes Elena and suggests “testing” your spouse.

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How many typical American qualities are in your husband? Earn 1 point for each sign characteristic of your man:

1. His relatives live in another city (minimum), or even in another state (optimum). Moving from state to state (or at least to another city) for the sake of study / work is a common thing.

2. He eats ice, right from the floor childhood. No, this is not because there is nothing else in the house; he just wants to drink. Or he's hot. Or both at once. For such ice-eaters, they sell special "goodies" here - crushed ice with syrup (that's disgusting!)

3. Calls American football football, and real (British) football soccer. The latter, by the way, is gaining popularity in America.

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4. Will not dare to tell you something like “You are a woman, your place is in the kitchen” or “It's not a man's business - to sit with children and clean up”. How dear, he will share with you all the hardships of managing the "family boat" (feminists in vain did they fight for women's rights?).

5. He is very attached to his children and, most likely, was present at their birth. Even if he divorced his wife, he will fight for the children to the last. I would call them family-oriented.

6. T-shirt and jeans / shorts - favorite clothes for a feast, for the world, and for good people. Well, so be it, he will wear a suit for the wedding, but only on his own!

7. It is unlikely that he will admit this to you, but most likely he has tried “weed” at least once in his life, and, perhaps, he still smokes.

8. Easily explain a joke / parody / link to a person or phenomenon from American films and shows from the culture or history of the country. To avoid this: “And who is this? I hear it for the first time! And why does everyone suddenly laugh? ”

9. What for a Russian - kebabs and beer, for an American - barbecue and beer. And they love to “grill”!

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10. Favorite foods include eggs, bacon, pancakes, steaks and ribs, maple syrup.

Girls, well, how many "American features" did you count in your chosen one? How "American" is he?

Original column published on channel "Elena in America" ​​on Yandex.Zen

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