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Found the disappeared 19-year-old daughter of Masha Rasputina: what happened to the girl


Source: 7 Days

The singer commented on the situation with the missing daughter, writes "7 days".


The message that the youngest daughter of Maria Rasputina disappeared scared fans of the singer. 19-year-old Masha, named after her mother, could not find a girlfriend.

One of them turned to Rasputina herself on social networks. True, her message was quickly deleted.

While the girl's girlfriends were sounding the alarm, the singer calmly commented on the situation.

“I want to reassure the public: everything is fine with Masha. I actually read this girl's message that she is looking for my daughter. At the age of Masha, different things happen. Perhaps the daughter simply does not want to communicate with this friend, so she does not get in touch with her, "Rasputina wrote.

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Mother told me exactly where the girl is.

“Masha is in quarantine, which was introduced in Russia. It must be respected because the situation with coronavirus infection is indeed very serious. We are not leaving home. I play sports, read books and watch Turkish TV shows. God saves man, who save himself. You can’t walk now - only crazy people do it, ”Rasputina said.

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