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Nose hair extension: a strange new trend. PHOTO, VIDEO


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In terms of modern beauty trends, many prefer natural beauty. Strangely enough, the hair growing in the nose, in some cultures has historically been considered beautiful and its abundant growth even welcomed. For example, the ancient Greeks believed that abundant growth of hair in the nose is associated with fertility and femininity. There are fans of the nasal thickets today.


For example, a Chinese woman under the nickname @gret_chen_chen published a photo in her Instagram, where eyelashes are glued around her nostrils.


The original image instantly circled the whole world and became a new insta-trend: girls from different countries spread their selfies with nasal hairs, shocking less progressive Internet users.

Perhaps the reason for this was the numerous videos advertising wax for removing those very nasal hairs, after which women of fashion simply asked themselves the question: "What if there is not so much hair there?" And they decided - something must be done!


Who knows whether this trend will remain exclusively the domain of the Internet or turn into a new fashionable trend, and maybe soon the girls with hairy nostrils will take to the streets and even the catwalks. For now - we are watching.

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