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'Reminds of wallpaper in the kitchen': Melania Trump flew to Florida in a Gucci dress for $ 3700


Source: The lime

Melania entered the land of Florida as a US citizen, but not the first lady of the country. For this release, Trump's wife chose a dress with a catchy print, which not everyone liked, writes The lime.

Screenshot: PBS NewsHour / YouTube

Before Joe Biden's inauguration, Donald Trump and his wife Melania left the White House. They went to Florida, where their residence is located - the luxurious Mar-a-Lago estate. And if the former first lady left Washington in a strict black Dolce & Gabbana dress and a Chanel jacket, then she began a new chapter in her life in a completely different way.

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In Florida, Melania Trump stepped off the plane in a bright Gucci dress with geometric patterns. TThis outfit costs $ 3700, and there is a debate on social media about how successful such a waste was.

Screenshot: Inside Edition / YouTube

“As long as there are hungry children in the world, there is no excuse for buying casual clothes for $ 3700,” they write on Twitter.

“Reminds me of the wallpaper in my kitchen when I was little”,

"This dress looks like a picnic tablecloth."

"Not a first lady anymore, and you can see it in her style."

Melania Trump also found defenders.

“I'm sure that after four years of abuse, she feels liberated. I wish her all the best ”,

“A beautiful woman and a wonderful dress”,

“What did you expect? Her husband was a millionaire even before he became president, ”

“Do you think Jill Biden buys clothes at a thrift store? She is also quite rich. I am sure she spends a lot of money on her dresses. "

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