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Suturing: how Elizabeth II suffered because of her beloved dog


Source: StarHit

Sources from the environment of Elizabeth II reported that in the 1991 year she was injured due to her beloved Corgi. Then the pets started a fight in front of the titled mistress. Despite this incident, the queen continued to breed the adored breed.


Elizabeth II has always been known for her love of dogs. For 70 years, she bred Corgi dogs - at the same time about 30 pets were living in the palace. However, sometimes such a passion turned into unpleasant moments. So, in the 1991 year, she tried to separate the mating dogs, as a result of which she was seriously injured, says StarHit.

“Then her Corgi didn’t share something with the dogs of the Queen Mother. Elizabeth II tried to save her pets, but someone bit her hand. I had to put three sutures on the wound, ”said one of the eyewitnesses of those events.

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During the incident, the Queen's driver John Collins was also injured. Several dogs bit him at once, because of which the driver had to spend several days in the hospital and be vaccinated against tetanus.

“Both the Queen and her chauffeur managed to provide assistance on time, so there was no consequence for this incident,” said a source close to Elizabeth II.


Recall that the queen fell in love with the Corgi breed when she was ten years old. Then she spent a lot of time with the pet of her father George VI. In 1944, she was presented with her own dog named Susan. Elizabeth II was so attached to her that she even took with her on a trip during her honeymoon.

Thus, for as many as 70 years the queen was surrounded by adored corgi, all of her pets being the descendants of her first dog. Only in the 2015 year did Elizabeth II officially declare that she was refusing further breeding, because she could no longer take care of them because of her age. Insiders claimed that she was afraid to accidentally step on the dogs because of her own carelessness.

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In 2018, the last descendant of Susan named Willow passed away. The dog suffered from cancer, so he had to be euthanized. The queen was very upset by the loss.

“He was the last thread that connected her with the past, parents and her own childhood. It seems that this is the end of an era, ”said the insider then.


Now the queen has two dogs of the Dorgi breed (mestizo corgi and dachshunds), which she takes care of personally. According to The Sun, despite the injury received in the 1991 year, Elizabeth II adored all the pets anyway, because they reminded her of her youth.

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