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Pad with gasket: why do transgender people try to change feminine hygiene products



Almost every adult woman regularly uses pads, tampons, or menstrual cups. And who would have thought that one day these means would be ardently hated just because of their design, which most of us out of habit even do not pay attention to.

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This summer, 18-year-old LGBT activist Ben Saunders appealed to the American division of Procter & Gamble with a written request to remove the image of the "mirror of Venus" - a symbol long used to denote the female gender - from the packaging of Always Feminine Sanitary Pads.

Saunders himself makes no secret of being a transgender. That is why the activist believes that, depicting a similar sign on hygiene products, Always infringes on the interests of him and other people who were accidentally in the female body. Yes, they still continue to use hygiene items like the same pads, but they don’t feel themselves representatives of the gender.

The Saunders manifesto found support. Soon, a large-scale campaign began on the Web aimed at boycotting Always products from transgender people.

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The Procter & Gamble management could not help but pay attention to this state of affairs. The company is one of the main players in this market and is trying to follow all the new trends: remember, at least, that P&G recently launched waste-free products on sale that do not harm the environment.

Mark decided to heed the demands of Ben and his impressive support group.

“We are very grateful that people like you are giving their opinions. From December 2019, we will stop producing products with such symbols, but it will take some more time before they completely leave the range of stores, ”reads the official statement of Procter & Gamble.

So ordinary women learned about the situation. Someone read and walked past this news because they are using other brand products or simply do not pay attention to the drawings on the packages. But someone was indignant ...

“The lack of a female symbol on the pads actually denies the existence of women,” said the famous British feminist Judy Bindel. The girl and her supporters are sure that the company has taken the easier and unprofitable path for itself, minimizing the risks of a possible scandal.

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“Now women are literally“ erased ”from the packaging of hygiene products. Is there a place or means where we are allowed to be seen? I have been buying your products since my teens! Why, in the end, deprive such a phenomenon as menstruation as feminine? ”, An ordinary Internet user Vicky Lamb said emotionally to Procter & Gamble.

The company has not yet responded to allegations of discrimination by women. It is possible that now the brand team is thinking about how to create a universal design that will not infringe on the rights of any of the user categories - there is still good time until December.

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