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On the eve of the wedding with Megan, Prince Harry called his ex-girlfriend and brought her to tears.



Before taking an oath of allegiance to Meghan Markle, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II spoke seriously with ex-girlfriend Chelsea Davy, writes

In 2018, as we all remember, Prince Harry tied his life to American Meghan Markle. The red-haired pet of Queen Elizabeth II and the former actress gave each other an oath of love and fidelity in the chapel of St. George of Windsor Castle.

Among the guests of the beautiful ceremony, Chelsea Davy, a jewelry designer and part-time ex-lover of Prince Harry, was noticed.

They met for a long time - as much as 7 years. And before Harry met Megan, many British tabloids wrote more than once that the prince could again converge with his blonde girlfriend. But, as they say, not fate.

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At the wedding, many noted that Chelsea looked visibly depressed. And the point is not only that she had to watch her Harry marry another. Surely the girl was oppressed by memories of a conversation with the prince on the eve of the wedding.

“Chelsea was very emotional, cried a lot and even almost refused to go to the wedding,” said royal expert Kathy Nicholl.

The expert claims that on May 18, the day before the wedding, Prince Harry called Chelsea to put an end to their relationship and say goodbye.

Note that the last time Harry and Chelsea broke up in 2010. Despite the gap, the girl was invited to the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, which took place in April 2011.

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According to Davy herself, after she attended the celebration, she decided for herself to never become part of the royal family and not to make any attempts to get closer to Harry. I would have known at that moment Chelsea that thereby opens the way Megan to the heart of the prince!

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