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I'll put a skirt on your funeral: why American women don't want to be feminine


Source: BBC

At the end of last week, Donald Trump once again caused a surge in the activity of users of social networks. Then his requirements for the dress code of employees and especially employees of his administration became known. What does “dress like a woman” mean at work and why are there so many women in uniform on social media?

An article published on the Axios website, citing a source close to the new president, published Trump’s demands for people working for him, both men and women: “If you are going to act on his behalf, as a lawyer or official representative, you must dress in a certain way, "notes"BBC».

Monochromatic colors in clothes, stately figure, proud posture, hair laid and certainly a tie. “If this is not a Trump brand tie, Brooks Brothers can do without. But I would suggest Armani, ”adds the source. At the same time, herring ties are best avoided: the new US president endorses only solid broad ties.

Trump's demands would have been quite harmless, but he does not stop at his ties.

Thanks to the same source of the general public, it became known how Donald Trump formulates the dress code for women: “Trump likes it when women who work for him“ dress like women ”. "Even if you are in jeans, you must look neat and tidy," quotes a member of the Trump team of the new Republican President. It is difficult to imagine a woman - any - who will go to the office in soiled or wrinkled clothes. However, the publication separately notes that employees of the Trump administration often experience pressure from the head, who insists that they go in dresses.

Perhaps many bosses dream that women in their companies wear dresses, but few dare to cause dissatisfaction with the female part of the team by openly expressing their demand. In the case of Trump, who openly says everything he wants, discontent followed immediately: a photo with the hashtag #DressLikeAWoman did not keep them waiting.

What does the phrase “dress like a woman” mean for those who wear uniforms in the service? Twitter began to fill in photos of women who serve in the army and the police, do surgical operations, play hockey or tennis - and not in dresses.

Among the photos come across these hits: mother and son from Florida, serving together in the police and dressed in the same uniform; a female pathologist who published a photo with the caption: “Yeah, I’m doing an autopsy in pearls”; Anusha Anzari, an Iranian-American woman who became the first female cosmonaut of the Muslim faith.

Jillian Anderson as FBI agent Dana Scully from The X-Files (15 ended years ago, but Dana Scully’s affair lives), Maria Curie-Sklodowska and actress Katherine Hepburn, star of the Golden Age of Hollywood, who once said the insolent who dared to criticize her for not wearing skirts: "I will wear a skirt at your funeral."

Participation in an exciting flash mob attracted last year's actress and Oscar winner Bree Larson (in 2016, she won the prize for Best Actress in the film “Room”) - the actress published a home photo in a long T-shirt and leggings with the caption: “Director / Producer / Scriptwriter / Oscar winner in his office with a view. I will dress as I want, damn it, because thanks a lot. ”

Doctors, cosmonauts, military and especially scientists gladly offered Donald Trump to evaluate whether they resemble women in their military uniforms, white lab coats or soiled safari pants, because scientific research in the fields does not assume that there is no dust on the scientist.

The argument about how a woman should dress, it would seem, should have ended long ago: Coco Chanel, Marlene Dietrich, Katherine Hepburn and Yves Saint Laurent did enough so that a woman in wide trousers or a tuxedo was not considered special, challenging public opinion. We have already got used to the fact that only girls themselves call a skirt or a dress a “woman’s costume” - and even as a joke.

However, it is worth looking at how women around Donald Trump dress to understand that he is quite serious. The dresses of his wife and daughters are really very beautiful. But in a world in which even Victoria Beckham changed from shoes with heels to ballet flats, and she began to prefer wide trousers and spacious blouses to dresses-cases, women have long disagreed on men dictating how to dress. The issue of clothing has once again become political. This really has not happened for a long time.

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