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'The nation of consumption', or Why Americans buy so much: the opinion of an immigrant


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The consumer market in the US is inflated to incredible proportions, writes the author of the Queen in the USA blog on Yandex Zen. Next - from the first person.

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The consumer market in the United States is inflated to an incredible size. The richest country in the world is constantly buying something. Let's see what Americans have habits of goods.


Bulk purchases of food products are very popular. There are a large number of stores of this kind in the country and, unlike the post-Soviet countries, there are no tents where you can quickly run for bread and milk.

In California, for those who like to fill the trunk with food to capacity, we have the Costco network. It is similar to Metro in Russia: large packages that ultimately allow you to save money. I buy meat there a month in advance.


Americans have no reverence for brands. For them, clothes are an opportunity to feel comfortable, warm and beautiful in their own imagination.

Good quality clothes can be bought for a penny. The abundance of outlets across the country makes this possible all year round. Although, in my opinion, shops for the poor are even more interesting: Ross, TJMaxx, Marshalls.

Everything in the world is collected there: outright rubbish, and quite good things made from natural materials, and clothes of famous brands, such as Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Guess, Michael Kors, DKNY and others.

Second-hand shops, by the way, thrive both at the entrance and at the exit. People prefer not to throw away, but take their old clothes to special centers. There are always crowds of people who want to buy this junk for $1-2.

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Half of the country lives in rented housing, but with every move to a new place of residence, Americans change furniture. Not all, but a lot.

At the same time, old household items up to the last wicker basket will be sold through special sites and applications or at a garage sale. At worst, they will be handed over to second-hand shops.


In general, a population that has money, loves and knows how to make their life comfortable, but does not know how to save and save in the Soviet way. The material in America is easy: one thing has gone, another will come.

There is one more factor: with a generally high income, dissatisfaction with life among Americans, oddly enough, is also extremely high. A lot of people maintain their psychological state with the help of prescribed medications. They get even more pleasure from shopping by plugging the gap with new, “sparkling” little things.

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