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On the wedding of Prince Harry will spend 100 millions and earn 500



Prince Harry’s wedding with American actress Megan Markle, which will take place on 19 in May, can bring the British economy around 500 million pounds (or 680 million dollars) thanks to tourists, experts from the British international consulting company Brand Finance have calculated.

In April, 2011, when older brother Harry William married Kate, 350 came to Britain more than 000 people more compared to the same month of the previous year. According to calculations Brand Finance, the same surge should be expected in May, and the wedding will bring about 500 million pounds or 680 million dollars, said to Reuters executive director Brand Finance David haig

According to company estimates, about 200 million pounds will come from travel companies and hotels, organizers of parties and celebrations will receive about 150 million pounds, another 50 million will bring souvenirs and souvenirs.

The wedding itself will cost approximately £ 100 million and will provide free UK advertising worldwide. “This will be a huge boost to the economy,” said Andrew Lee, hotel manager. Harte and garterlocated across from Windsor Castle.

The city administration is also looking forward to this event and hopes to improve the economy at the expense of tourists after the fall in the value of the pound from 2016, when the country left the European Union.

As the bride of Prince Meghan Markle, she gave up her job in show business, resigned from the series Force Majeure, which made her famous, and also refused charitable cooperation with the UN and organizations World Vision Canada and One Young World.

Prince Harry and Megan Markle will tie themselves to marriage on Saturday, 19 May 2018. The wedding ceremony will be held in the chapel of St. George at Windsor Castle. Wedding will pay for the royal family, including service, music, flowers and reception.

After the wedding with Prince Harry, the actress will be called Her Royal Highness Princess Harry of Wales, she will not become Princess Megan - as she had not previously become Princess Catherine Middleton, whose official title sounds like Her Royal Highness Princess William of Wales. According to the press, Elizabeth II may grant her grandson and his chosen one the title of Dukes of Sussex, Albany or Clarence.

As the press wrote, Harry and Megan met in May 2016, in Toronto, where the prince came to promote his sports project Invictus Games. In the same Canadian city, the series "Force Majeure" was filmed, in which Markle played one of the roles. A few months after they met, Prince Harry officially confirmed that he was having an affair with the actress.

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