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One step ahead: multifunctional cosmetics


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It often happens that the dressing table is crammed with an abundance of tonal means, lipsticks, highlighters and bronzers, but there is nothing to make up on. It's time to move on to beauty asceticism. One cosmetic can replace several at once. This will save space in the cosmetic bag, reduce the weight of the suitcase on the luggage tape. The global cosmetic industry has a decent answer.

Lip gloss and blush in one bottle. They have long ceased to amaze cosmetic maniac. A drop of such a product on the cheeks and lips will refresh your face, erase traces of fatigue, add to the image of youth and enthusiasm.

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The 3 foundation in 1 is a great alternative to a special base for masking and matting powder. Now you do not need to lay down several means, carefully shade and achieve a "natural" look. A multi-functional application in one application allows you to look at all 100% in minutes.

Special cosmetic pigments have long been a lifesaver for all cases of cosmetic life. They are applied as a shadow or highlighter. Loose texture allows you to mix the pigment with eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, lip gloss and even nail polish.

Now the perfect combination between clothing and cosmetics is very easy to achieve! Be exclusive, especially in the details!

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